Market Cycle Near Completion – What’s Next For Crypto?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are near completion of their market cycle. The last phase is that of disbelief, which is a BULLISH phase. After that, a new cycle …


  1. You're level headedness and optimistic outlook has definitely helped to prevent me from panic selling and losing out. I'm keeping a close eye on things at the moment as you say to hopefully recoup the beating I've taken since investing last December. Keep it up dude 👍

  2. Having these things in mind, the bearmarket shouldnt worry you. In fact it gives you a last chance to get your alts cheap. Or maybe Im just chill because I dont look at the price every hour 🙂 🙂

  3. Personally I prefer slower but more stable growth in capitalisation than fast but completely speculative. I'm also in favor of "the value investing" over "trading".

  4. I like this cheet sheet as well _ you're right, after the next bullrun this would be helpful. But for now I believe what Mr. novogratz and Mr. BINANCE says : big money is comin' soon, the bullrun is very near 😀

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