Mankind’s Most Aggressively Advertised Product Of All Time

Learn how to say goodbye to credit card debt for good with Dave’s #1 best-selling book! Welcome to The Dave Ramsey Show like you’ve never seen it before. The show live…


  1. I grew up with a blue collar working class father and a stay at home. My parents rented until my dad’s father passed. My dad was able to move into his childhood home and I was lucky enough to grow up there. When my dad sold it due to a drastic turn in the community, he sold it for 5 times he paid for it. (Half From his brother). He bought another house cash. Bought a brand new car for the first time in his life at 50 yrs old. Retired at 60. Sold the house for double. Moved to a warmer climate bought a house cash. It’s now worth 1&1/2 what he paid. He’s never had a credit card. He’s never had debt. He lived within his means. It can be done.

  2. Your show has changed my life. You've opened my mind to living debt free and motivated me. I don't make a ton of money but with proper management and hard work I can get ahead for once.

  3. My banker suggested that I need a credit card to keep up my credit score . Got it never used it and they sent me a letter that they were closing my account for lack of use . 6 years later my credit score is fine and never have had a loan or credit card so proof that score is not tied to credit cards . I realize that score is used to prove credibility in some circumstance . Went in to buy a used truck one time the sales rep insisted on running my score came back and said I was good for any car I needed , ended up not buying because he said the only way he could sell me one with a loan .

  4. Thing is at least in California you can't rent a car or get a hotel room (not a by the hour kind) without a credit card. It is what it is. Debit cards even with MC or Visa logos aren't good enough. Look into it. Sucks.

  5. Amen, Dave! Credit card companies understand our human nature better than we do. They know that if they just wait, we will give in and go in to debt. Thanks for giving us the What, the Why and the How to get rid of them.

  6. After watching Dave's videos over the last couple of weeks, I resolved to close my credit cards. I just canceled my American Express Card after paying off $8,300 today! Just say NO to credit cards!!

  7. If you have a spending issue I agree rip your cards up and get away from them but some people dont and never got into CC debt. I dont see a issue with them if you are responsible person which I guess is like 15% of people.

  8. Smartphones are horribe too. From adds after adds on w/e you do on the internet on your phone, to ppl showing off all the new stuff they have on Instagram/facebook/youtube. Money spending influences everywhere!

  9. Remember how difficult those open-ended 4 page papers were to write in 6th grade? You had to determine a topic and structure it from beginning to end. If you were such a person to complete these homework assignments, it was probably because you would be held accountable, therefore you had the discipline. You are such a candidate for creating financial success. You need to do it again. You need to feel those 6th grade accountable feelings again and devise a plan. You may need to devise 10 plans… If you dread + avoid those feelings, you'll never have a plan and you're going to live a mediocre life (with Dave's no-debt encouragement), at best.

  10. Have 1 and pay it off every month. I have mine through my credit union. In 0 debt and have a credit score of 753 and have plenty in savings. This is one of Dave's only dishonest positions. He has good intentions though- his position does help compulsive spenders.

  11. I am not sure where to give this feedback, so I will do it here. I am in LOVE with the icons being used on the thumbnails on the videos. They're not only well done, but help give a concept of what is being talked about. But you can still see Daves reactions, which are always great! 🙂

  12. Dave, the one way that Citi Card was terminated by Citi, after YEARS of inactivity. That was the only way to get rid of it! However, not without an emotional plea, "YOU'VE been with Citi since 1980-whatever, how can you terminate such a LONG relationship?!"

    Bwahahahaha…..easy…..snip, snip!

    Thank you Dave and team!

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