Making 89% Profit In 80 Seconds With Bitcoin On Deribit – 0.01 to 1 Bitcoin Trading Challenge

Starting Value: 0.0150 BTC Current Value: 0.0506 BTC Sign up for Deribit: 1-on-1 trading help: …


  1. Pls can you just analyse it better exactly how to go short or long .and lot to be use .
    Have regulated through your link but still I still dont get how to place any trade whether long or short on deribit .

  2. Thanks for your videos! I´m an absolute beginner and get a lot of useful information on your channel.
    One question: can you open a short and a long position independently at the same time, or does derebit clear it in one position? (like Bitmex does, I think…) If you can: wouldn´t it be possible to set a limit order and ,once filled, go 50/50 short/long (with limit orders again) just as close beyond and above market price as possible (<0.05), plus a stop loss in the other direction ? Including the bonus of 0.05 you get from 2 limit orders, you can´t loose, right!?
    If you can´t: what about having two different accounts and doing this? (same buying price – one for shorting, one for longing)
    But as there is no safe trading – where is the error in my thinking? Is a stop loss order maybe not a limit order? That would of course crash the plan.
    Sorry for my english – hope you still get the idea.

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