Major Hoax Proves Regressive Left Rampant In College

A Major Hoax Proves Regressive Ideology Rampant In College. Three academics spent a year writing fake papers and submitting them to major academic …


  1. Just go into a male dominated field. Jimin tech right now and there is barely any girls in my class and no female teachers it feels good. We are forced to take social classes which is an easy mark.

  2. They have been doing this since the mid 1990’s. Showing they will publish anything that fits their narrative. They take stallion and mau many others decades ago. It has been this bad for pear review for 3 solid decades now. They just keep pushing like a toddler to see how far the public will let them go. Scream and cry when asked to stop. Thinking if I scream at people and attack them they will surely change their minds to my way of thinking.

  3. Why I was unsubsribed from this channel? If intersectionality is true then why isn't the experience of white men included? The negative experiences of white men is completely ignored by the theory as are the undeniable privileges minorities and women enjoy. I'm sorry but the entire thing is built upon stereotypes and bias. At the foundation of it lives an ugly truth. That society should treat people differently based on circumstance beyond their control. That skin color and plumbing should determine how law enforcement and social interactions proceed. That merit should be devalued in favor of subjective notions of equality.

  4. The only complaint is what about sending right leaning stuff through the peer review (perhaps same mein kampf but with right keywords to see if that was also accepted) there needs to be a control – heck the rambling nonsence paper could very well be considered as the control (it's nonsence and therefor neither right nor left leaning and yet that was let through – so perhaps they are just allowing basically everything in)

  5. While I was in College during the early 1990's the University that shared a city with us had a growing feminist movement on campus that based their suppositions on topics such as pervasive rape in the area, inequality in many professional fields and a general dogma about the "patriarchy." Many of the students who took part in the rallies and protests (of which there were few) were encouraged by their professors but at the core of their ideology was the idea of "peaceful protest." Today many of those students are probably part of academia as teachers or leaders in gender studies. I write this to show that this wave of identity and gender politics has been cooking on campuses for a long time, so imagine where it will go from here.


  7. Oh …dont say …lefty hypocrites use'n fake facts to push an agenda and narrative ….smfh at this point …just how many dumb slow ass people are in the world ?….tons considering some left loons been filling them with bull shit for years …….soooo goooooo f'n figure …

  8. I didn't like college when I went in first time around. I knew most of the materials already, and it left me incredibly bored. I ended up dropping out after my first semester because I wasn't learning anything, and I was convinced that I wasn't going to learn anything new until I continued for another 2 years. I figured that firsthand experience of what the real world had to offer would teach me more than what 4 years of lectures and shoving my face in a book would, and I was right. I learned that the real world does not give a damn about your feelings or your degree. It'll beat you down regardless. It only cares about how you respond to getting your ass beat. You either whine and complain that the world is unfair, or you get back up and say that the world hits like a bitch. Take your punches like an adult and continue moving forward. When all has been said and done, you'll be more satisfied with yourself.
    Go to a trade school instead. You'll learn exactly what you need to do your job, and you won't have to deal with the extra baggage that comes with being surrounded by people who love the sound of an echo chamber.

  9. It sure does reinforce my bias against colleges. A couple years back I actually did a search how liberal colleges were around my area, because of the times we are in. I am growing tired of my hard physical labor job and I want to do better in life. In short, I didn't go because who really wants to go to a place that you are paying for to get berated by zealots on campus and by the college itself. Because how I am a white "privileged" male, how I am part of the rap culture problem, and how I should feel bad for just existing. When all I want to do is learn for self improvement to have a possibility of a better future.

    Finding out what happened at Evergreen State University is insane, and killed a lot of my drive to go to college. I feel like I don't even know the country I grew up in anymore. I was taught to respect the individual but nowadays it's more on the lines of who gets the bigger victimhood card so they can get the most privileges out of other groups. This isn't equality it's just power plays over other groups. Colleges are a joke now.

  10. Haven't we learned anything from Galileo?  Even the Catholic Church has officially apologized for that mess.  And yet, we are repeating the same kind of mistakes!  But here is the danger:  Galileo's cause ultimately won!  It is not clear if the universities can dig itself out of this hole or whether they want to.  They have become that ideological.

  11. Social Vengeance Warrior
    Gender Vengeance Studies
    Critical Race Vengeance Theory
    Welcome to university in the
    United Hates of America.
    Diversity is Division, Hate, Sexism, and Racism as applied by the Regressive Left. Let's make this a better world by constantly looking and focusing on more ways to be offended and hate each other. Let's begin this indoctrination of offense and hate with children starting in the first grade. Pure insanity.

  12. dark ages happen when reality doesnt fit the ideology, just like certain truths didnt fit christianity, a lot of ideas on the left dont fit reality.
    and one of the biggest truths that dont fit their ideology is that equality doesnt exist in nature period, it never existed and it isnt going to exist for another million years if not forever.
    our world was never designed for equality, literally if anything can be diferent it becomes diferent not equal, our world started more equal and has become progessivly more diferent all around.
    and our planet was from the start been the embodiement of all that difference.
    we can try to make everything as equal as possible for ourselves but we will never reach equality to his maximum extent.
    and thats why the left fails it goes agaisnt the winds isntead of leting the winds guide them.
    the regressive left is just what happens when you really try to push agaisnt reality.
    and for the left to be succesful, it needs to try to achieve equality knowing well that they never will reach it and working it reality while making the fews things they can equal.

  13. The thing about Hitler's book was that it was very persuasive at the time. One of the problems with that man was the fact that he could get a lot of people to follow him, so using his words and strategies would be effective at convincing people to do things.

  14. All worldviews will be the apparatus for interpreting data. No one can claim to be above it, although almost all of them try. So where is the line if it is not, at bottom, metaphysical or transcendental? I think the out-of-hand rejection and not at least considering religious postulates and perspectives in the public square is critically flawed. Why is "regressive" liberalism worse than "progressive" liberalism in any terms other than pragmatic terms? And who gets to decide what pragmatic concerns are to be prima facie? The worldview will even determine what is actually pragmatic. Having spent plenty of time in the academic halls absolutely none of this is surprising, but it sure was interesting. And good job Tim for making it so with interesting commentary and good insight.

  15. yup… left a literature class that focused on feminism in relation to the fairy tale and it was the worst class i have ever taken. the teacher, mind you was 20 years senior in her field, provided incorrect interpretations, incorrect information, and terrible papers. at every session, i had to correct her and even explain the theories she desperately try to properly explain, which, then, always was followed by a period of awkward silence, before she unexpectedly moves on to the next topic. one paper specifically focused on how todorov's theory of the fantastic justifies intrigue that people have for the fairy tale genre, which honestly is a misnomer, because basis of todorov's theory is that no concrete genres exist.

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