Made $500 Profit Day Trading A Simple Pattern | 2018

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  1. i started out with 11.5k in my robinhood account, im down 40% in 3 months and i've done nothing but penny stock trading, I should have been following your advice this whole time, however robinhoods charts are utterly useless and impossible to use for trends… Knowing this now i'm extremely disappointed sigh, what does he use td ameritrade?

  2. What’s up Ricky are used to live in Gilbert for five years and I miss it so much but I can’t wait whenever you were going to fix that trading station and come visit I can’t wait

  3. I never hear you talk about commission , slippage, position size, or liquidity (having trouble getting filled). Love your stuff but please clarify these points more often if possible. For example, warn people that you must have a large position to overcome the 7 dollar round trip. How many shares of that you gotta buy to make 500? quite a few i guess. It sounds easy until you realize you need a $10,000 position to make 500

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