LTC: Tim Draper – Trillions of Dollars Will Move Into Crypto – Bitcoin ETF

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  1. Good news re Tim Draper – Skype, Tesla, Viral Hotmail marketing, Twitter, – early tech investor – his record is good! Good to see Bitcoin and Litecoin up about 4/5 or cent as I write!

  2. This is my FIRST youtube account and post. Just so i could say THANK YOU!! for all the LTC and other coin related information I've learned much from your vids. Please keep up the regular daily posts and I am sure you will get your 10k subs. I'll do my part and pass your channel to the few friends I have that are interested in crypto. Thanks again and good luck to all of us!

  3. At least buy a little bitcoin private for 3yrs and profit big or lose very little because it's so cheap now, choose wisely, $10 give our take gets you 5 btcp…. No brainer if you ask me especially since sapling is being integrated… Think btc +Zcash.

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