LIVE: CRYPTO MARKET CRASH – TIME TO CASH OUT? [Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

LIVE: CRYPTO MARKET CRASH – TIME TO CASH OUT? [Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – Bitcoin is down to $6700, is it time to …


  1. As soon as I knew about #HITBTC exchange, there was no need in multiwallets. I am working at the stock exchange for more than six months, no problems arose. Minimal commissions, transaction speed is fantastic. There is rather good affiliate program, I'm happy with it.

  2. george i like you, but you are so blindly optimistic. everyday is a buy day for you. i agree if you believe in the long term of something to buy, but why buy at something at 2k when you could buy it at 1k and get more. i dont agree with blindly buying at obvious peaks just because it will peak harder in a year, ide rather wait for the valley in a month then buy in

  3. I don't always agree with you BUT so much respect for you. When others have gone away, you are,still plugging away… oh and yes you have helped me understand and get gains lol. Cheers

  4. I told everyone to get out the minute there was a crypto futures markets… That is what happens when you allow the establishment to control markets. It's the epitome of collusion and manipulation. It's not quite yet time to get in… when critical mass hits meaning when no one wants cryptos…… Not there yet.

  5. Do you think dentacoin is staying strong because the overseas travel for dentistry is becoming a billion dollar industry? Where people go over to like mexico to get their teeth fix because it is so much cheaper and better work?

  6. BTc has been destroyed by the banks in Wall street. Like for Gold it's impossible that BTC recovers fully. IMPOSSIBLE imagine how much it would cost to Wall street ? I can't see everybody going long on BTC 10X leverage ^^ Like gold exactly BTC is dead. Move guys and buy XRP. But I do not understand very well futures contract (I try) so your comments (if you're a professional) would be appreciated

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  8. To me it sounds like a really bad joke that CME is the one proposing. So CME along with CBOE started the whole thing, driving the price to 20k, accumulating on the way just to REKT the market as much as it pleases them ever since the futures trading was officially announced end of december. 6 months of price suppression and manipulation. and now they say, hey, we feel like someone out there is manipulating the cryptomarket, could you please look into that (so we can silently go on with our masterplan)?
    “Catch The Thief!” The Thief Yelled
    Any bells ringing?

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