LIVE Bitcoin Q&A from Boston MeetUp

ToneVays Website: Bitcoin: 3CRC2BHjgizPpKm4tH3BKf9dJcuf9HNtTt See Regulation overview in each state …


  1. Tone the quantum computing issue has a solution. I saw it on JW Weatherman.
    But Core put it on the back burner for now. I forgot the proposal but it is being worked on so all good.

  2. I think Tone is the only person in this space that says only one blockchain will be needed. BTC is by far the best, agreed, and 95% of the projects out there are either scams or have no use case at all. I do however think there are some genuine use cases for some tokens…DecentralisedAI, Travel etc. Its hard to believe that only one blockchain will accomodate all these use cases, or if it doesn't, these old business models will operate infinitum, as they have always done

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