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  1. Lot of Asian cultures including Japan have a tradition to have great start of the year with the best product, or with the best sell, or with the best treatment, They belief that starting out strong it will carry them through the year. "That's just my two cents of fundamental"

  2. This is total manipulation by the big banks/institutional traders. Sure there were probably buy orders at the bottom of the moves as Wayne says, but the big players purposely moved price down to take out the weak longs and then brought the price back up. That's my opinion on this and I'm not sure why Wayne doesn't acknowledge that the big banks are manipulating price in this manner (just saying). I agree with AMFX that it was "thin trading" and that "the "big boys were in playground all alone".

  3. Excellent webinar! Thanks, Wayne. With yen pairs being strong, what would the probability of a BOJ intervention to drive the yen weaker?  Are there any tells that the BOJ is about to step in? Thanks.

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