Litecoin founder Charlie Lee reveals what he sees for bitcoin

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee discusses the bitcoin crash and crypto’s future. Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Steve Grasso, Brian Kelly …


  1. lol, and to think all it takes it someone like Justin Beiber to tweet about Bitcoin, and then have like Katy Kerry retweeting it….I can't believe how easy it could be to make the price skyrocket..

  2. This guy dumped all his coins and he revealed to everyone, what else do you expect a whales to do? Just sold your bags and start shorting Ltc like hell you will earn tons of money. What are you complaining about?

  3. Lol, conflict of interest?! So I assume he doesnt invest in any major stocks in case the CEO owns some shares? So full of bullshit, he sold at an all time high after telling everyone how amazing his shitcoin is and its been dropping ever since

  4. lol why sell his litecoin?. I know the answer??" because its shit coin".Only store of value is bitcoin. All others just are shit coins unless its has a real world purpose. Like the newer blockchain tech. Because you can build dapps on them. Don't fomo in lots of coins because they built around hype.

  5. Charlie lee is bitcoin maximalist even the creator of litecoin is all in on bitcoin and then you have those lost souls trying to debate why litecoin is better than bitcoin lol

  6. Unless u left high school never went to college and spend 20 hours on a computer or 10 walking and talking u have little idea.

    Wall street people know jack shit unless they belong to a crime ring. They have the tools and the time.

    Bitcoin is emerging from being a drug currency to a checking savings mastercard visa debit
    And more. The only problem is the gov and the rich and wall street manipulating it to leach it.

    Unless the code can be replicated or cracked bitcoin is the greatest tool and investment ever.
    But you'll never lose money ever. No one ever has accept panickers.
    And short termers.
    Charlie's anice guy. And everyone has equal opportunity even the devil worshipping divorced liberal wackos and the scumbags republicans.

    Google Maria Goretti documentary and watch the six parts each ten minutes long and tell me what you think about your life

  7. This guy is a fraud, he sold all his lite coin at its peak and we are supposed to believe in anything he says? He doesnt even believe in the shit he created. It's a "conflict of interest" if a founder owns what he created? Using that same logic should Jeff Bezos sell all his shares of amazon??????? bullshit.

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