Please watch: “Inflation Explained & The Fed’s Ponzi Dollar –~– I am Brandon Kelly the Crypto Trader while …


  1. Need to review this several months later. This video made at ATH. Little brother came inside and Dad kept him home for over a month. Didn't let him out until he calmed down 50%

  2. Brandon-I am a relatively new sub, like your charts but they show prices as .019 etc… what BTC or VERI? I would prefer to see your chart in USD which is how i place my trades as a rule…thanks

  3. I still think Bitcoin grew way too fast and is destined to come crashing back down. If you take a look at bitcoin's history, after every major spike it crashes down to about 20% the level of the highest point of the spike. Now I'm not saying bitcoin's going to fall all the way to $600 a piece, but I certainly am not seeing a way for bitcoin to reach $5000 by the end of the year. So I guess I'm going to have to go against the status quo and say LTC will be marginally better or even lower than it is today.

  4. Good video. I also posted a Litecoin video on my channel Bitcoin Smart Money. Check it out I agree NEXT STOP $60 LTC $LTC launch sequence initiated. Antshares (gonna be NEO) also looking to launch Q3 2017 !!! BSM

  5. $FAST is one of the fastest coin with only 12sec per block. It's a wallet easy to use, secure and free. Buy $FAST and Hold ! Availale on Cryptopia. Have a good day and a good profit 😜

  6. Great video BK. However, the 1 August drama for BTC…certainly that would be an anomalous variable to consider outside the typical uptrending? I anticipate seeing a pretty big selloff as it still correlates with ETH/BTC before 1 Aug. After that though, I do believe the breakout will happen.

  7. Hey Brandon. New subscriber here. If BTC goes to $5000, then ETH $1000 (??) So, how about if LTC follows the same progression then… $200LTC??

  8. Thanks for giving people a view into litecoin. I am all in and been marign long for a long time here. Litecoin is the future of crypto, It can scale, and it can do it without political disaster. Atomic swaps coming soon.

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