Litecoin CASH Fork [LCC]- Buyer Beware! FAKE NEWS?

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  2. So engrish=scam? That's the entire basis of your reasoning? Not sure how it's a scam when, if you practice safe forking as they say, there is no way you can be scammed…

  3. Charlie Lee [LTC]

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    Feb 4

    Charlie Lee [LTC] Retweeted Charlie Lee [LTC]
    PSA: The Litecoin team and I are not forking Litecoin. Any forks that you hear about is a scam trying to confuse you to think it's related to Litecoin. Don't fall for it and definitely don't enter your private keys or seed into their website or client. Be careful out there!

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  5. I've said it before, about XMR. Same applies here:
    1. This is not Litecoin's fault.
    2. Litecoin must be a highly desirable asset.
    You do the math, when choosing altcoins to invest in.

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