LISK Cryptocurrency Explained | Is it good to buy ? (2018)

LISK is in top 30 cryptocurrencies listed at the, to be exact it takes 27th place. Many investors believe that it could be one of the most …


  1. go Lisk! so much potential, expecting price increase with ICO release rollout and full components of SDK late 2018/2019
    USD$5 is a great entry price, long term hold.

  2. This was not one of your best videos. The description of LISK was quite superficial. Using java script as your "claim to fame" is hardly sustainable in the long run. By the end of the day it is about real world adoption. How far has LISK come since the IPO in 2016?

  3. Your content is always awesome
    Can u please make a vid to understand how to calculate whether a coin is overvalued or undervalued.. PLEASE
    And thanks for ur all stuff
    Really helpful

  4. I noticed you started giving your opinions at the end of some of your videos. Thanks for listening. I understand you want people to form their own opinions, but it's interesting to try and understand your viewpoint. That way we can either validate or disprove it with our own due diligence. Thumbs up. 👍

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