1. We finally see the true face of blockstream : they advise people to wait for lightning while they put all the work on the fully centralized Liquid. Proves that LN is just an excuse to prevent on-chain scaling. After the November fork once people see that BCH is stable, BCH is gonna skyrocket

  2. Great episode as always Dobe. Miss Thailand when I see this:-). This is my view. BTC with 7 tx/s, BCH with 50+tx/s and Alipay with 250,000+ tx/s (with 500+M active users in China and HK). Think about it friends. Current blockchain solutions for day-to-day retail small payments is not even close to be ready for real retail usage.(numbers are fact.). Lightning might be the way. Who know! Cheers. Joakim Holmer🇸🇪

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