Life is a Prayer

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  1. The part about prayer was amazing to hear, how it got changed into begging or demanding and yet people still call it prayer. These are the kind of thing you somehow know but forget and need to keep being reminded of.

  2. It's a shame your video's aren't mandatory for the entire world to actively watch and listen, not to say that this is the be all and end all but just so that everyone has had a chance to open their minds and absorb this knowledge that has been suppressed from us all, a chance to say yes or no. Instead of being told no from day one and that's the end of it.

  3. In Canada it is already illegal to not use the proper pronouns for transgender and same for Islamophobia – these are considered hate crimes. People need to stay away from Canada – horrible, horrible with Trudeau. Nobody even knows how he got in. If you pay attention, he is destroying our country and is a total embarrassment. Wake up Sheeple – for the love of sanity.

  4. Ive been watching your videos for some time now. ADHD is what they call it and I usually listen for a few skip a few listen for a few then skip a few. All the sudden my ADHD sleeps to hear you speak. I wonder how many others knew/know much of what you speak but didnt/dont know how to express it? My instructor warned me of things such as the grid and other things like the food. Wouldn't you know it he was removed from practice? When I say practice I mean. 99% of the population wouldnt believe it if they saw it with their owns eyes. 1% of you reading this understand…..maybe less.

  5. It is by design, yes. But we are in Duality. The polarities created used for nefarious reasons. Women are not just squishy holes. You have muscles, brains and heart. The efaminazation of the male is invoked in order to bring about the thinking and heart based male. Not the Brut to be exploited.

    However, the intention is to disarm the male for a digital control grid.

    To know the difference is difficult since both Polarities used are wrong. A women in high heels is no different then a women in a burka. It is the same. Are u an object?

    Women are the key to chose our evolution in Universal natural law. Women are equipped with innate abilities to discern that is why we live in rape and death culture in order to control our evolution.

    When my Grandmother found out that her newborn would be used for human trafficking she tried to commit suicide. She died my mother lifed. Only a women has the right to give and take life for she knows what spirit will come forth. It has been slapped out of ur conscious similar to Ping Pong Dissonance. They all do it to create armies of infiltrators to manually control society soon to be digital.

    But it is not in accordance to universal natural law. It is a perversion.

    The perversion of the mind is the most cruel of all its violations, combined and exponential.

    But one has to to comprehend the mechanics of universal natural law first. Nature does not make mistakes. It is the correct chaos. Not the order out of Chaos created today. The Orabouris / Phoenix model is a perversion via a burnt offering. Human blood sacrifice and suffering to arm twist in daddy Stockholm syndrome.

    A childish story telling of a kingdom that does not really explain the layers of true enlightened source.

    Gays, women are held down for that reason because we know better and remind the male that he to has the other chromosomes needed. That is even though you can suppress but it will always find a way to manifest in the physical. Abused human beings will develop a certain face and posture. You can see it. That is when u can see evil. It is not very hard. Look around you and study faces. Never trust words.

    All is possible through universal natural law is just takes a little longer.

    To know the difference in a world of cheap thrills, status and titles pretending to have a life where most have given up they're own self. Shills, shells, vessels and vassals. Ye are not gods but servants of dark forces that exploit ur energies in a game of extortion and entrapment. Very difficult for most. But one can not play the matrix it is a quagmire that shuffles evil spirits. Ur refusal comes with an earthly prize but ur eternal spirit will be set free.

    Trust in goodness. The rest is an illusion.

    Insist B Authentic their mask shatters but one has to be Authentic first.

    That is the only way to break the spell and we are failing.

    May pre-existing source help us all.


    Scarcity is created so is Ugly
    Duality breeds contempt.
    Gestalt breeds cold hearts.
    We are what we accept.


    Dealing with blowback.

    I am not an expert but from what I have gathered this might work. It could be two thing's the government with their scaler wave technology (pls familiarize yourself with what they can do, documentary attached, what's really going to bake ur nodded is the doc is the government.) or a demonic possession.

    If it is the government than document everything that is a contraction and calm the person with that realization that she/he is being mind rapped. The last thing the gov wants is exposure or there black magic trick is over.

    If it is a demonic possession than think dog whisperer. Be calm, and assure the person you will support them through this with affirmation of sincere care and love. The more witnesses around the better. Don't be shocked by words or behavior. The demonic possession live on lower frequencies and feed of the fear but won't waste their energy on a lost cause and move to their next victim. Don't judge the person they are living inside a horror movie. Just like the rest scumbaggery they avoid killings, they pay dearly for that and will try to exhaust the person until suicide.

    Hope that helps.

    Scarcity is created so is Ugly.
    Duality breeds contempt.
    Gestalt breeds cold hearts.
    We are what we accept.

  7. One more thing before I go, Max actually saved my life, I used to do some bad stuff as a youngster and I was on a road to self destruction or jail. It was Max's videos that made me realise I was doing wrong and I stopped, just like that.

  8. It's crazy but whenever I feel like I don't know what to do I come here and Max always has the answer. I'm literally bottling up something now and I know I will explode on the person or some poor soul if I don't let them know how I feel, I come here and Max is talking about telling people how you feel. Unbelievable.

  9. Started watching Max Igan's Reprogramming Your Brain on AOD ScaReCRoW. Unfortunately part 3 has been blocked in the UK by National Geographic on copyright grounds. Oh well, I'm sure the info. in the other four parts will be enough to go on. Amazing stuff!

  10. Do you know about the late Francisco J Varela and his discovery of Bittorio, the simplest machine ever producing beauty out of decay, basically, 4 out of 6 times, white, the other 2? [from The Embodied Mind, p 91]. Anyway, the principle he discovered was the advancement of will as form in reference to "sphericality," the active structure of that is in life tending toward such a drift, or "attraction" (desire?), performance as form in ACTION, in work, too, not making a bargain with Faust.. (the other direction he could have taken, the machine's instead of biology's). His own death was premature from Hep C being the drugs he was "forced" to take. Was he the first being to be "turned back," the first AI trick in May of 01? Take back control, subjectively, would be the wisest decision, if we can avoid being poisoned, the only game in town, it appears, that "autopoeisis."

    Technically, DNA is passive in time, so much catastrophe (none of it, this "type") is shear repetition. I refer to James McAllister and his real science of Deep Time and repetition of resource management.

    Direction! You are right about that, also, and credit, hardly creditable, maybe, until now? Boy, I am angry at Elon Musk today. I feel like clowns run my life.

    Here is something to give confidence, Sherlock Holmes-esque.

  11. I always love you Max. Some deep thoughts into possible future projections within this talk.The art work of the obese family eating fast foods oblivious to the chemtrailed skys. The depopulation. I've heard it said they" always tell us what they are doing, so if we choose it then we are stupid and deserve it. So who then becomes the undesirables in their eyes ? Those who are played, or those who are not? A possible twist on the theme…

  12. Max,

    Why is the government trying to make us forget? They use aluminum in Chem trails which causes Alzheimer's, they support and advertise narcotics that rob us of our memory. But why? Why dont they want us to remember? Are they covering something in our recent history? Are they making us forget how bad of a job they're doing? Do you have thoughts of this? They WILL push for the RFID and memory enhancement chips. They create the problem and have the solution. They kill many birds with one stone, and their stones are ideas to keep us enslaved. It looks like this is going to happen fast and will be accepted by the masses of people, people will accept anything once the problem is bad enough. They are trying to take our memory away, it's the perfect crime.

  13. Please mention electronic harassment, gangstalking and targeted individuals in your videos.I'm a longtime subscriber and the American people need to know the truth of these crimes

  14. You should probably do a show like this more regularly. Its much more uplifting than the political commentaries. Maybe do one show in five that is about the "mechanics" of how we function. You do it so well and its more interesting than the 5G bashing that seems to have enveloped you in the last 4 months. Keep it up dearest Max. Thanks for being here

  15. Im from philly. I completely agree the build up of the stress and aggression i had n still have. Im dealing the best i can with the so called help of Xanax SMH. Some days i hate everything n everyone. You have a way with words that i dont. You say exactly how i feel.

  16. Glad to be here. Everyone is here, but not. Come what may, but I'm here and the sun is shining come what may I like to look at my faults, because just a form of human nature you want to look at yourself and your faults of human nature, become better.

  17. Thanks as always Max. I love how you emphasized the importance of heart. This is the same message I come up with in my silent moments. I’ve come to refer to it as “heartspeak”. The most creative frequency. Hope you have more shows on this!

  18. Hi Max, firstly I want to say a massive thank you for all the guidance and goodwill throughout the years. I looked into your old channel but have found that there is no part 1 to Reprogramming Your Brain? It only starts from part 2 and then all the other parts until 5 are present. Do you know where I can find part 1? I look forward to watching your amazing channel grow! 🙂

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