Libereum ICO Review + INSANE $3000 WINNING Award!

– today I am going to review another interesting project on the market – Libereum. Idea is simple great one – football + blockchain! Market …


  1. 2ALL… Thanks for participation in this challenge! Winners are:

    1st place – T Middelkoop
    2nd place – decimus785
    3rd place – Chirag Kumar
    4th place – Brandon Beckett
    5th place – Chiel C

    Please provide your ETH wallets that team of libereum will upload tokens to you.

  2. The main goal of the project is to make Liber the only way to pay for the purchase of tickets, goods from fan shops, food and drinks at the stadium and around it. How will the team cope with the fact that the EU prohibits anonymous cryptocurrency transactions?

  3. Are you planning to release a mainnet?
    The softcap is 4m but to partner or buy several football clubs is much more needed?
    What are the advances for the clubs when they partner with Libereum? For the fans it will be bit more complicated to buy drinks and snacks. Is there a way to make it easy for them?

  4. It's a great idea, but how would u leverage ever changing market price of Liberium token to buy merchandise and tickets. Suppose I have bought 1 Liberium at the price 1$ from exchange and an item price is 1$, next day the price falls to 50 cents. Do I have to buy the item at $1 by buying more tokens?

  5. Why did u choose football sports? You could have choose any other sports and as long as I know, football clubs are very expensive. Are you hoping to raise enough dollars to buy a decent profit making club?how are you planning to make mass adaption easy for fans?

  6. Interesting project where I've read about it in Dutch news.
    But I got some questions:
    -About price, if the price isn't stable it how the price will be calculated? It's calculated on real time prices? So the price of a beer will be fluctuating? Or the prices are pre fixed? In first scenario it could be bad for the buyer if they buy a lot tokens in advance. Second scenario, it could be bad for the seller.

    -Now the token will be connected to BTC/ETH etc.. but are you planning to release a fiat based exchange so they can trade easily euro for tokens? Or the customers have to buy other crypto first to trade it for Liber? It will make it harder to get adopted by fans.
    If there is like a fiat based exchange, the price might be more stable if there is like a BTC dump.

    -How customers can pay with Liber? Will there be a Debit Card released so it's easy to pay? And if there is like an fiat based exchange, you could top up easy if you connect like an ATM to it. Or I am thinking wrong?

  7. Very nice explanatory video. My question: In the long run, how do you tackle the problem of convincing fans to adapt to the new payment system they will need to use at their club? This to avoid empty stadiums and lower merchandise sales.

  8. what is your strategy during the market downtrend, How do you intend to keep up with the bearish or downtrend market crypto market ais any solution or any backup plan you have to protect investors?

    sorry for this weird question but What would happen if all the clubs that you had buys were all in downtrend side and if the company goes bankrupt then?

  9. I must say the video was nicely done.

    My question is do you have any specific team you've approached/would be buying?

    Do you have criteria to follow before buying football club?

    How do you intend to keep up with the bearish crypto market and any backup to protect investors?

    Also with data security I believe you are up to standard but how can investors be rest assured of that?

  10. My technical question: What programming languages do you use for development? I see you refer to your token based on erc20 standards, you have concerns when the network ethereum is blocked? Does that affect payment by Libereum? Do you plan to develop a separate blockchain and ecosystem separately for Libereum?

  11. Hello, Can you tell us about your strategy during this downtrend? What is your strategy in 2019? Where is Libereum's main market? Are you heading to the Asian market? And finally, Please tell me How did you get the love from the investors?

  12. #Libereum Football is the biggest game in sports industry, one of the favorite games of lots of people, then why the team is in the ICO? what reason for doing ICO? funds only? They should have been in the IPO instead of the ICO, if they run IPO then as well they get lots of investors and funds as well for there project, as i say earlier that football is biggest in the sports industry, They should have company shares rather than crypto coins or crypto tokens? what reason for running ICO??

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