Lawrence Lerner | Cryptocurrency Chat | Smart Investing | How To Spot Crypto Gems πŸ’Ž Pithia $RHOC

Lawrence Lerner (CEO/Board Member of Pithia) – During his career, Lawrence has worked in many industries in multiple roles (executive, lead technologist, board member) to enable digital transformat…


  1. Another great video, great content! I really wish you could get Stephen Hyduchak on from BridgeProtocol man, I think it would open up a lot of eyes to a sleeping giant project.

  2. Love the videos and picks ($$$). Can you review this new ICO. VIrtual Reality platform called VUtoken and can found on vutoken(.io) Working product out with video. Thanks

  3. "Only invest more than you can lose" has always been great advice but looking at that Blockfolio and seeing it grow so fat over time, it would really hurt to see it all disappear! Still good advice though!

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