Late Night Crypto AMA [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

Late Night Crypto AMA [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (crypto) news for 3/26/2018. A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum,…


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  2. Bummer bro….You opted for the diet coke instead of the bottle??!!??
    During these times of mental anguish and financial ruin, one of the lone bright spots is seeing the bottle come out the cabinet.


  3. George, I am a sound engineer with a recording studio and I can tell you the problem with the sound is reverb from the room. Not necessarily the microphone at all. Doesn’t matter if you get close or not, I mean getting closer helps a little but not much. It’s because you have hardwood floors and hardly any furniture in the room. Sound bounces off all the hard surfaces. To really help out with that issue, you need to put sound absorbing foam on your walls or more soft furniture and wall tapestry decoration.

  4. Yep- for sure LOL. Listening to George should help us understand trends better. I think we’ll be entering a bull run within two months as there are major institutions that have invested in to the space.

    It would be interesting to see what happens by the EOY.

  5. The Litepay fiasco is like getting people hyped on an event like the Superbowl and cancelling it last minute because of not having enough parking. Very disappointing as I am an LTC holder.

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  7. Hey George can you do a little more research and talk about Digibyte DGB. I heard that DGB will have a mini mania late summer that will bring the price to $5- $10. ~Clif High~ Data!
    Stay 💪🏽 people May will be a big month for the Crypto Market after the New York conference.

  8. As long as cryptocurrencies are so volatile, I see absolutely no use for it as a real currency. Isn't using fiat just much more convenient? I just don't wanna take the risk of buying something for a price that might be worth twice as much a month later:)

  9. hey man, always miss your AMAs, i mentioned in a previous comment that acoustic panels will make your rooms reverberation decrease and also provide a more radio like/pro overall sound.Check out GIK acoustics in the US, i am an acoustics consultant in a land far far away though thx.

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