Lack of Dapps Killing Ethereum? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Nouriel Roubini, aka “Dr Doom”, says Ethereum’s price decline is inevitable due to lack of dapps, is this true? Bitcoin is still trying to recover from this weekend, …


  1. You misspeak a lot when it comes to numbers, George. One video you said there was 800 million bitcoin…this video you said "bitcoin fell back again to 9200 and it just stood there, then it came back up again." (7:56 )
    I thought I was watching a 6 month old video for a second.

  2. George, you and all youtubers need to get together and call out Coindesk for their crap. They spread fud all the time with clickbait titles!. Call them out on it! ask your youtube community to do the same. Their fud is disgusting!

  3. George, I watched a Bloomberg piece today where the reporter quoted a Crypto fund manager as saying that he watches the BTC 30 day moving average as his indicator. He buys when it crosses to the upside and sells when to the down. He is down 10% since March, while BTC is down 30%. Have you ever looked into the 30 day moving average as an indicator for BTC trades ?

  4. permabulls logic: we didn't broke out of downtrend because of manipulation.. bruh. I really liked your videos but since few weeks you are just like everyone else who is always screaming "buy the dip" even if there is no sign that we hit the bottom.. please put your bull glasses off for 5 minutes, and then you will see that it is waaay smarter to wait for an actual trend reversal instead of buying the dip (or dollar cost averaging which you always call it so it sounds better).. and even if you won't get like 50% of profits or however when the trend is actually changing, its still waaay better than beeing down 70% or more in altcoins and needing like 600% just to reach bep. greetz

  5. I'm just curious cuz I honestly don't know. If ethereum completely collapsed what would happen to all the projects built on top of the ethereum network wpod all does projects crash as well??? Anybody.

  6. Question: Certain Crypto YouTuber's call massive and fast upward BTC movement "manipulation." However, when the market cap suddenly crashes in less than one minute, they say they predicted it with TA. They say, "I told you so!" TA did not foreshadow a mega-sell-off. Why call upward movement manipulation, and advocate shorting "all the time". I know allot of money is made in shorts, but is it killing the crypto market?

  7. Can you talk a little about GPU mining and the ideal coins to mine for the long term HODLers? I’m a miner since earlier this year and currently mining ethereum classic with the ethenlargementpill and this helps a lot in regards of hashrate and returns.

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