Keiser Report: Future of Bitcoin (E1245)

In this final episode of the Keiser Report from Dublin, Ireland, Max and Stacy throw to a panel on which Max Keiser spoke at MoneyConf. Topics included the …


  1. If you don't regulate the exchanges, they could change their policies regularly to suit their positions. In Australia, ACX suspends cash withdrawal for weeks. This is strictly unethical.

  2. Now a verified Joke of an Investment. The worst Investment of the year according to theNavalear Report released today. Cut in half with no current interest in this Fraud.

  3. Sorry for so many comments my man. Bitfinex has also shorting. But they do need coins. And they have a bug in their update order price and I lost like 14k because of that

  4. Max. Hi. I entered Bitcoin because of you back in 2008 or something like that. Thanks. Coinbase closed my account because I am hanging out in México and I got my first BTC with them back when it costed 44 dollars and I had instant buy since the beginning of time. Simply unfair. Also I could not access my coins during busy times. So no up brakes for me or selling my coins when there where crashes and this is why I think they shot me down. Because they where blocking the contry I was traveling in and so they didn't want to be sued. So stop saying that they are doing a good job because clearly they are not

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