1. Here is the fundamentals of crypto. When you buy one of these crypto's, you are essentially buying stock (tokens) from a company to fund their blockchain project. The company uses the proceeds of the token sale to fund their project.
    Not all of these blockchain projects have to do with creating a competing currency. Some use the blockchain to manage inventory for things such as goods and produce, some use the blockchain to track the transfer of wealth between people, businesses or nations, some use it to create smart contracts between businesses and or people or governments, some use it to storemanage legal documents, some use it to manage deeds or titles or documents of any kind, some use it to store videos and media content like steemit, some use it to create smart loans so they can get a loan outside of the banking system. Think of the blockchain as a world wide database that tracks daily exchangestransactions. Those transactions could be the sale of something, the purchase of something, the exchange of something ect.
    These cryptos (tokens) just ride on top of the underlying blockchain. Not all of these coinstokens actually serve a purpose other than to raise money to fund a project, in these cases they are essentially just a way to track ownershipstake in a business or project.
    Other tokens like Ripple (XRP), use the tokens you buy as a median to exchange one asset for another such as when they transfer the US dollar to XRP then from XRP to Yuan or Yen ect.
    So the truly valuable thing in this whole crypto world is what they are all built on, the blockchain. The blockchain will be utilized by every business in the coming years and decades. It is essentially the next gen database that can permanently and accurately managestore worldwide transactions. It is the future.

  2. I knew there was something fishy about that crypto pumper. Well I hope he enjoys the taste of his own dick  I never trusted the guy with the horseshit he was pushing. Out..

  3. Hi, I'm a newbie on here and forgive me if these two uses for silver have been aired many times before… 1 its ability to kill bacteria.
    2 as a frictionless break with silver and a magnet you can stop a freight train. The uses are endless the commodity is finite. Buy Buy Buy. Oh and the coin in my profile pic. is a real 1lb of silver not a 12oz troy lb. Lol

  4. hahaha the pedocoin pumptard who lied about cutting his dick off just so he could steal from productive members of society through his scam is talking about others getting arrested for crimes he has committed since the Inception of shitcoin. where's his arrest warrant? he has literally been in on the shitcoin scam since the beginning and could very well be satoshi. are people so stupid to believe he doesn't have a major role in the creation of shitcoin when all of the users who started it ALL worked for companies that John McAfee owned or bought out. how are so many people so fucking incredibly stupid that they can't figure this out?

  5. He's a coke addict, alcoholic. He's wasted in many videos. We know they get 20x and sell. I thought you said, and I agree, that govs love crypto? Maybe during the collapse it will be heavily promoted. From my pov they're buying and controlling all of it. What if the upcoming russian cypto is backed by silver.

  6. so you are saying I can not make any more money on BTC to buy more silver 🙂 no no no this year everyone can make more money to buy more silver with Cryptos 🙂 crypto scam is not over yet 🙂

  7. You have chosen the wrong lord, lucre (Lucifer) will not save you, there is only one way to be saved and that’s Jesus (Trust and equity), by choosing Life and not the dead legal name status in law. Only then may you CLAIM YOUR INHERITANCE by contract (NEW Testament) from your government trustees that hold and own the legal name that you have an interest in. ALL IS PAID FOR, there is no debt for the LAWFUL HEIR, but if you keep acting as DEBTOR by being owned by the state and identifying AS THE LEGAL NAME, you will remain in hell, as debtor.

  8. Excellent tutorial about the truth. Most dollars are cryptic now! A la Visa/MasterCard so wouldn’t it be apparent that America will be forced to use a Fedcoin of sorts after the financial Ponzi smoke clears ?

  9. McAfree lived, I believe, in Honduras. I have lived in Costa Rica for 28 years. Here, nationals AND foreigners have all the same rights as were ever, in the best of times, part of being a US citizen. The government of Costa Rica is friendly, welcoming and happy to leave you alone. Even the police are friendly and helpful.

    I appreciate and enjoy your fine work. My thanks from this stacker.

  10. "Old Coyote Knose that… electronic digital FIAT crypto-currencies on the block chain are part of a long term, deep-$tate bankster $trategy to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE THE USE OF CASH in all transactions… in order to monitor, regulate, record and tax everything that people buy, sell and earn. This $cenario is sometimes called the mark of the beast."

    The succinct, all encompassing quote above originates from 'Gold$tein' & 'Company'.

  11. the crypto shitcoins are a money laundering scheme for the elite, and block chains are harboring child sex trafficking. byebye satanic crypto shitcoins go back to hell where they all came from.

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