John McAfee Backs Bitcoin Private

john mcafee backing bitcoin private, price manipulation, and craig wright fake satoshi gets removed from a conference for being a douche.


  1. Mr Sotko you are by far my favorite YT personality atm in the crypto space, no clue how you find the time to put out such regular content and videos but mega kudos to ya brother ; entertaining and informative, thank you for all the hard work that you are putting into this dude =]

  2. coinbase is the only US exchange to offer a cash pair. USD/BTC, USD/ETH, USD/LTC, and somehow USD/BCH.

    This direct exchange for USD makes them liable for SEC laws and coins must be fully evaluated as being legit tokens, NOT SECURITIES, and also need some sort of backing, whether it be consensus or scarcity of supply. Also , proof of utility which would separate itself from an asset class security holder of value.

  3. MrSotko: Dude, the people behind Verge are very intelligent. I would not doubt they are stealing their own Verge. The longer I am in Crypto, the more I am finding out it is very shady, corrupt and there are SCAMS around every damn corner. It is sad.

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