Jeff Sessions Ousted After Trump Calls For Resignation, Midterm Results & Money Markets

Bob Kudla, Expert Crypto & Stock Trader Joins us to discuss the latest Market trends, where Cryptos are heading and the future of bitcoin. Specials Leak Project …


  1. Why we never hear how this is affecting the environment, civil rights and families. There is nothing wrong making a living. Still when we destroy the environment for profits, when people don't need it, it makes no sense.

  2. @Rex I just finished watching your video interview with Lee Wheelbarger from yesterday and when I went to refresh the page the video was gone and I can't find it on your page? What gives?

  3. Hey Rex. Perhaps this easier than that. A vampire needs permission to be in your house. As a tax payer the white house is the tax payers. So that's. I" a United States of America taxpayer command there are no vampires welcome in the White House or in any layer of government." Pass it around.

  4. EXPLORE this oil BS you sputter on.. oil needs to stay in the ground …#nodapl . This money is super temporary and then we will all drink oil & eat money . He is destroying the water and all else in this land by drilling & fracking ! Thanks TO CREATOR to have voted in two INDIGENOUS WOMEN bring into govt on THEIR Lands , now we might heal with women wisdom to balance out the dominating patriarchy toxins .

  5. Because lithium is the battery for the chip all the Bitcoin gets transferred on lol and when the lithium battery goes pop you’ll all get a grievous sour on the back of the right hand and the skin on the forehead just below the hairline and you are all forced to get new chips and new everything while dealing with bodily injury from the toxic exposure. Also theirs about half a billion chips to make plus backups why wouldn’t the price of lithium go up. My Illuminati grunt worker ass has been on a multitude of channels in the comment sections yelling from the rooftops lol non of you listen. So I’ll just keep spilling the beans. Oh and you all think you can run and hide just remember even if you get past the thermal detectors on the drones that will fly over the restricted wild life zones you have smart dust to get past can avoid that. Go ahead kill you cell phones and if cards you’ve been breathing in these nano tracking beacons for years. Hope you do a next to lethal detox or have acsess to a dialysis machine to clean out you blood of the dust because the more that’s sitting on your brain the stronger the signal. Resister get fema rehab or the chopping block. Heads will be collected for the pineal gland then tossed into a coffin liner and cremated. All will be accounted for either through is dental records or other collectible information you all put out so freely.

  6. Rex, I sent you an email detailing my futile exercise in fighting ID scanning everywhere. We need to get this out there and start more lawsuits over privacy. Parents can’t even pickup kids from school without a license scan! This is ridiculous. I get treated like a moron for refusing to relinquish my privacy and it’s insane!

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