Jan 2018 Portfolio Strategy

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  1. always work for yourself in the end , why do someones dirty work for no reason!!!!!! do what is needed to put yourself ahead , only thing i see profit in is day to day trading with an exit strategy. In reality , a transcation fee is a transcation fee. If it comes from bullshit money then make bullshit money in my opinion

  2. Great video jay..you are inspiring,honest,authentic, sensitive, mature and all around a good guy..never let the hate get to you..you did nothing wrong. No one should hold you accountable for their loses, when you were never their financial advisor. Keep putting out great content, and i will always be watching. Kudos!

  3. Sorry man, as you deactivated your comments on the "no lending" video, I will post here something. Since probably 4 month I do follow you on Youtube. With all the famous other cryptocurrency promotors. But as we say, when live is good you have many friends, but the true ones will show once live is bad. And you are probably the last man standing here. Beeing authentic and truthful, changing your opinion as your experience grow during the process and just be yourself! You gave advice which we all apreciated and helped us to make our own decision. Most of the time those were excellent and currently only 1x we all missed that ship big time. I had 400 BCC which I was able to transfer all (!) into BCCX. And maybe with a bit luck, the new BCCX platform will kick in and I still can cash out with minimal losses. But what ever we did for a decision, don't be ridicolous to assume it was partially your fault. Definetly not. There were other guys pushing this to their limits and you were the cautious one in that pool swiming around. As as one of the very few, you did no delete your Bitconnect videos, which takes big courage – as quickly all the other 99% deleted their BCC videos. Keep up your great work, enjoy your crypto journey and stay authentic!

  4. Jay, kind of at a stand still here. I have 29.6 BCC that were around 8-9k. I was wondering if you found anything out from visiting Vietnam that would signal you to just take your losses or hodl this coin. Appreciate everything you do for us man!!

  5. ChecknN to see your approach I'm been going near all in on storiqa if they do half what they say I've made a good decision and I do believe they have an all- star team I hope I'm right
    Moreover I feel like an inside trader cuz I cleaned out almost all my altcoin hours before the last bloodbath I think I got about 300% from when I got in … thanks bro for your insight and uploads

  6. Jameson, each video you upload you are getting better … nice job. It would be interesting to put a % weight on each of the strategy you have listed. For example, my trading background for TA (one or more days) reccomend to bet on 0,3-1% for each trade, so the eventual loss will be minimized. In addition, beside the weight, also the risk-reward ratio should be take into consideration. At the moment the best reward ratio it seems to be in ICOs for lending platforms. While the smoothest and quicker results are for cloud mining, at least for myself. But I am open to revise my experience within the community.

  7. Very informative as usual Jay. I too anticipate a big lending ico shake up. Invested in 10 in Dec and still waiting on actual btc gains. This month I'm only in one. New year, new folio plan for sure brother.

  8. Coincube Update:

    @channel It looks like an attacker may have gained access to an old copy of our database. This means that API keys have the potential to have been compromised. I was personally attacked using order book manipulation (selling large amounts of BTC at 1 GBP) and may have lost a large six-figure sum. If the order book is thinly traded, an attacker with the API key can place an order at an extremely low price, eat through the small amount of money sitting on the orderbook and then effectively steal large sums of money. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT ALL USERS DELETE API KEYS AND CREATE NEW ONES. – Admin

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