Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin = Single World Currency

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Square & Twitter says Bitcoin could become the world’s go-to digital currency within 10 years, rising to similar prominence as the US Dollar. This is huge news for Bitcoin…


  1. My issue with these Bitcoin "investors" endorsing it is because they so much financial incentive to do so. So regardless if it is the best move for the public, they can push their own agenda to gain a tremendous financial upswing #conspiracy-theory

  2. Also the Carbon Footprint it leaves needs to decrease dramatically, what about the amount of energy it wastes ? No one is talking about that. How do we solve that one ?

  3. Awesome video, Bitcoin will be digital gold and store of value. It’s too slow to become everyday currency at the moment but it may change. Litecoin is the one for coffee and everyday purchases. Charlie Lee used to work at Coinbase and engineered bitcoin so knows what the best and worst parts were, hence creating Litecoin which will be the payments coin.

  4. The world does not have a single Internet – china has it's own version as an example – so one single currency for the internet is non sensical. In fact, single currency for the globe is non sensical as economic winds in New Zealand WILL be different to economic trends in Denmark – single currency is stupid – You lost all respect I had for you with this silly unthought out video – I'll come back in 5 years and we will see our accurate your analysis was (PRO TIP: It's shallow click bait analysis "THIS POPULAR THING YOU WANT TO GO TO THE MOON WILL INFACT GO TO THE MOON" – A-ha? OK)

  5. The funny thing with bitcoin is that it makes sense when its price does not change like crazy and therefore everybody buys and make the value change like crazy. With a crazy value it makes no sense anymore and then it falls and become sensefull again.

  6. Good to see ya finally coming around on BTC. I didn't say anything back when you were pushing ETH, maybe I should of, lol. Bitcoin will likely bottom in the 3K-5K sometime this summer (or it could have bottomed already, who knows! lol), that's when I'll be going heavy back in. In meantime, I'm still holding small position (<5 btc) just in case.

  7. i like nano (xrb) being the underdog that mostly tech guys are excited about. would be cool if it maintains its current adoption speed (1 being a payment crypto, not digital gold 2 i do not own any, so not shilling)

  8. That’s it you just helped me to make my mind with this video. I’ve got little bit of cash in my bank account and was thinking either Bitcoin or some more TSLA but I think BTC it is now 😊 Thanks Gali!

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