Ivan on Tech debates Peter Schiff – Bitcoin vs Gold, US Dollar Crash

I’m excited to tell you guys that we’ll have the one and only Peter Schiff here on the show! Peter has been critical about the traditional financial system for many years, he foresaw the financial…


  1. Hope this helps you guys!!!
    0:10 welcome message and what's to come
    1:01 How Peter became passionate in economics at an very young age
    2:13 What sparked Peters Dad's interest
    4:42 Did Peter use any metrics to predict the financial crisis accurately?
    6:25 Peter breaks down the reasons of why we are headed to another finacial collaspe
    11:12 Good and bad debt explained
    13:57 Peter explains how gold is a good solution
    19:08 Peter reasons why btc is fools gold? And why cryptocurrencies will collapse.
    24:02 Ivan provides his perspectives on why btc has utility
    30:32 How the nature of technology gets better … How bitcoin is trustless
    34:29 What happens if crypto gets outlawed?
    38:40 Reason why Tx fee will not go down according to Peter
    42:34 Bitcoin going to 0….bitcoin compared to model T
    44:28 Debating wether the previous gold standard worked?
    52:22 How much is one bitcoin worth?
    57:27 Ivan explains the network effect of bitcoin
    1:01:16 Benefit of govt adopting crypto to track tax evaders
    1:03:59 how the government can make up a phony case against you
    1:09:23 Bitcoin maxed out at 20k?
    1:12:16 President Trump destructive tactics
    1:15:20 Two different parties in America now democrats vs socialist
    1:16:26 Predictions on when the dollar crisis will happen
    1:17:25 Final thoughts

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  2. Answers to Shiff's criticism:

    DigixDAO's DGX coin is backed by gold that can be mailed to oneself in exchange for the coin.

    There are only two million DGX coins. Each coin is backed by one gram of real gold. Problem solved.

    Also exchanges. Decentralized exchanges will replace current centralized ones. Actually, hybrid exchanges would be best of both worlds. Fast transaction and settlement with no risk. You hold your keys on these DEX's.


  3. A great BS artist. I've never seen someone dance so well and try to paint Bitcoin as something it isn't then say, "look over here!" because he became uncomfortable with the train the conversation was taking. Schiff is too shifty for me.
    Notice at the end he makes obvious points on risk management then plugs his gold for sale. He is a master at manipulation. Gotta give him that one.

  4. This guy seriously just loves hearing himself talk. Saying that we are going to go back to using gold to pay for everything is just ridiculous and too old of a mind set. Gold will always have its place, but it will not be in currency.

  5. I think you made a mistake doing this interview because peter Schiff does not want to be convinced. The main issue is the banks and third parties and he is criticising bitcoin while he knows nothing about it. He talks about bitcoin and he literaly knows nothing about bitcoin. If you want to talk about something you should do your homework not just come and say some bullshit.

  6. Anyone else go to the Schiffgold website? you can purchase gold using bitcoin… it even gives you instructions on how to do it for people who are unfamiliar. that's hilarious.

  7. I quite enjoyed this interview Ivan, great job, i hope you do more of these. Although you two disagreed on many aspects, both made very valid points about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, both good and bad. Peter was surprisingly knowledgeable about the space and made a lot of good points about gold. Gold itself is valued exactly the same way. The small utility of using gold in electronics is still extremely expensive and is often replaced by other metals in favour of storing it for its value. To me personally gold is worthless, it is only attractive for its value and luxury. Anybody ever bragged about use of gold in electronics? Sure, analogue equipment like audio media, but compare that the size of the rest of golds usage. I find that we are going through a huge transition and I hope it goes the right way.

  8. Actually Ivan and Peter have the same arguments but form two different perspectives. Peter is defending Gold because of an old notion of Golds value and the stability that it has reached over the last 100 or so years. You can apply many of his arguments against cryptocurrencies to the problems gold had during the gold rush and this comparison has been mad many times. Crypto is still young and as a culture we are moving away from the physical and more towards digital. The problems are certainly valid but let's look forward not backwards.

  9. what if we will discover better and much cheaper alternatives to gold ?what if we don't need to use gold anymore in electronics ? what if we can transmit electricity wireless ? the utility and scarcity of gold becomes irrelevant .

  10. So I should listen to the advice of someone who crapped on Bitcoin all along, never got into it even though he could have, missed a massive opportunity, and is now saying well since you've missed that opportunity, it's not gonna happen again so don't get into it? lol I'll go ahead and pass on anything he has to say about it because he's been wrong the entire time. At some point, accept the fact that you were wrong about it and just say you don't know where it's going to go. This is getting embarrassing.

  11. Peter Shiff has a great video where he calmly disputes the views of the protestors from 'Occupy Wallstreet'. I recommend everyone seeing it, it's a great example of an educated capitalist vs a mob of infuriated supporters of socialism. That being said, he has definitely become more close-minded since then, now that I watch this interview. It's sad and maybe it's because of age that he doesn't want to admit that having gold doesn't really solve the volatility, transferability and availability issues or that having 5-10% of your portfolio in cryptocurrencies doesn't constitute that great of a risk in the long-term, but it could lead to a significant profit.

  12. It's interesting that Peter says that something will replace facebook. A decentralized social network on a blockchain (with a cryptocurrency to exchange value, AMP) called Synereo will replace facebook.

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