iungo ICO 2018 | Mark Cuban Bitcoin | Ledger Nano S | MyEtherWallet

Today’s video, we discuss the iungo 2018 ICO, The overall cryptomarket and Bitcoin’s 200k projection for 2018, Mark Cuban’s comment on NBA’s Mavericks accepting Bitcoin for tickets next season….


  1. Austen what does FIAT mean? Jeff keeps telling me FIAT is for no marks but when I google it..its a car! He said Fiat wallets are for losers but I don't even have a car. He said I need a cryptography wallet but I want to spend on crypto not whoopsie cars. My portfolio is flying like a NASA shuttle thanks for the tips. 🐳 power. If you need me to do a vid on buying on the dip I recon I know a few tricks of the trade. #hodl

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