1. if you want to be an investment adviser when you grow up, you have to learn about security. Bitcoin has it and very few other cryptos have it also! I worked with private investors for 25 years, as a broker and for five years before I got the broker's license and they don't diversify, as so many of you advisers advocate. They specialize in something they can master and they know it better than anyone! Big investors will put money into very secure cryptocurrencies, but not the rest of them!

  2. This is a bit like Elliot Wave. Looks great in hindsight after the event. In reality, it's plagued by false breaks, 50% coin toss on direction, etc. Let's see something called publicly in advance for a change.

  3. I read this quote from Ray Dalio yesterday, it hit the spot; "Dive into the markets, have the shit kicked out of you, and learn how to do things differently. Pain + Reflection = Progress". First part of this quote, check..second part, in progress. Thanks Francis for sharing your wisdom – i´m learning alot!

  4. I sold everything to Tether Friday night, im not short, but at least my portfolio is not bleeding.. you were right again Francis, and someday ill have enough to buy your course, don't care what the trolls say, i been following you long enough (2/3 years or so) to know you are the real deal, gonna be a hard climb for me with Argentinian pesos :P, but I know it worths every cent. Thank you for the heads up on this to the freebies, it goes to show the kind of person you are. My hat goes off to you Mr. Sniper.

  5. I have been able to live my life without looking at the computer continuously for the past month due to the faith I have in Francis's analysis. When he confirmed my belief that BTC was in a macro downtrend, I have been able to focus on other investments and forget about cryptos for a while. It's been nice. Really nice. Thank you Francis. I will probably start paying attention again when BTC hits below $5000

  6. it annoys me greatly when people talk about a coin TA without noting what BTC is doing. People that talk about LTC TA as if it has a mind of its own are fools. They have had 4 years to learn day after day – move after move – that BTC leads the market. My only assumption is that they are retarded and someone gave them coins or they bought them by shear chance 4 years ago and are slowly frittering it away. LTC may have a set up. Then BTC drops 10% and LTC will drop 20%. Its TA is only going to amplify or buffere what BTC is doing.

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