It’s Not Just Pay-For-Play, Clinton “Charity” Fraud Exposed

Charles Ortel joins David Knight to explain that just released FBI informant’s written testimony on Uranium One pay-to-play fraud is not the most easily proven …


  1. Face It People..They're ALL "MADE" Politicians SAE! Come on President Donald John Trump! It Sure Does Sound VERY GREAT Doesn't It! I'm Still Party'n TODAY! PRESIDENT! Donald! TRUMP! Rock n Roll! ..aka Fox! Rock's Czar! SuperStormSandy Is As Our MusicVideo by Genesis! "Home By The Sea!" Vamped Up A Punishing Nor Easter..We Know That Sandy Hook Was An Inside Government Use of The Media to INFRINGE on That 'That Shall Not Be Infringed Upon! Images of Sorrow Pictures of Their Lives..-Green Grass- Full Moons and High Tides! QX! The First Royal Family of Man VS.! Rock and Roll! Hillary Offincuffs! (New Names/Norwegian!)

  2. I have been reading book for years about the dirty clintons. We all know they lie cheat and steal. But what about the body counts. All the people they have murdered. Now we hear about children used or killed be these evil people

  3. now i see why jeff sessions just did a big press conference to talk about going after fraudsters that took money from older folks ,,,it all becomes clear to me now ,,,smart move on his part but after this is over i still think trump should fire him and beg trey gowdy to take his place….

  4. Go after that gay parading feminised faggot Jihadi Justine Trudeau in Canada .. President Trump. Canadians want to see that Globalist traitorous drama queen cry baby Leftist fuck hang right beside Clintons.

  5. There Will NEVER be a obama Library … After He IS HUNG… The Money Will be Returned.. his Portrait Will be BURNED , All His Orders WILL BE NULL & VOID!!! he will go down as a Just Be a Foot Note… in a Dark Dark Time in America History!!

  6. Did you say they are still 'in business'??? Receiving money???  How is it possible??? SO much talk but not a lot of action.  She should be in jail and on the row to the death penalty.  Along with many others that commit and are committing criminal acts, treason and are getting away with it. There are more proof than what they know what to do with it.

  7. All the Clinton Cartel has to do is kill some more witnesses. They should group them up and put them on a plane. Planes crash all the time. Uranium? Its all good just watch CNN some more. THE TALLY GROWS.

  8. trudeau donates OUR tax money to them as well as other global initiatives fund founded by bill gates. the biggest rip off and fraud and they get away with it. keep an eye on trudeau and follow the money which will lead you to the fraud.

  9. Q says they will only release about 40% of the ugly facts. The adrenochrome drug and how it is harvested is already out. Scary to think what that 60% may be hiding.

  10. the australian government under prime minister julia gillard gave $100 million to the clinton foundation to help with women & girls issues in pacific islands – love to know where that went?

  11. I don't think many people care if Clinton had classified info on her private server. The reason I think she destroyed everything had more to do with Clinton Foundation deals and other pay-offs.

  12. There is already enough evidence to arrest the Clintons for TREASON. So WTF is everyone waiting for?
    PICK THESE ASSHOLES UP, and ship them to GITMO. Seize ALL their assets.

  13. I think Charles Ortel's approach for taking down the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton crime syndicate is the most likely chance of success. The Federal Government has too many skeletons in their closets to ever dare to prosecute this cabal.

  14. Watch "911 Perpetrators Revealed" to see why Mueller was appointed to the investigation . He has been a fixer all his life . The vid names , names and crimes of all the corrupt players . And shows why the cover up continues . Posted 4 months ago .

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