Is The Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run About to End?! – Crypto Trading & Cryptocurrency News



  1. Day trading while the market is this low is a bad idea. For example, XRP is about 34 cents, within a couple of years it will be at least $10. Therefore, why waste time and gamble money with day trading rubbish, just buy while it is this low and wait for the next major bull run before you even consider selling. Or you could play day trading games and then risk missing the rocket when it occurs in the near futre!

  2. We will get a lower high simple as that. Lets make some money off the FOMO Joes. The chart is not gonna get another huge run up/bull run. The chart would have two huge run ups on the same time line and it would look weird.

  3. Yeah, definitely have to look and think of all the patterns you can compare to within the main pattern. Build up when the pumpers and dumpers are investing, when people are holding on to it are investing. How I think of it is also when people get paid, and when people are most broke. Pattern to paycheck wise there could be that drop from maybe this Friday to the 10th almost mid monthish. Due to paychecks coming in, but having to pay bills. So somewhere on the drop it could have a potential to hit a larger low than it’s slow upward climb. I’m getting excited to grab if that’s one of it’s last lows for awhile.🤔

  4. Could you show us an over the shoulder look at how you make a long and short position trade ?? I want to start trading but i have no idea where to start and being from the US i know certain platforms aren't available to me.

  5. Thanks for this video, I’ve been watching other saying we could pump up but no one was talking about the C&H pattern forming which is what I was thinking, but we’ll see if this plays out, Cheers!

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