1. Greates Videos, but in my oppinion fudamentalists analysis works better for cryptos than techinal and you are spending so much time in charts. One good analysis to determine if the BTC is on thr bottom is to compare it price with its mining cost. I would be a good video.

  2. Hi Sunny, you should try and review this cryptocurrency called Neblio! I think they have a lot of potential since their circulating supply is low. You can create your own token pretty easily with their own web wallet which is called Orion.

  3. Hi sunny. Im waching every video and post from you from long time. Im one of the guys who invested in Tron Trx and i belive in this project and from my perspective right now Tron is looking pretty solid for the future. Will be great if you can make a video and share with us your toughts about it. Keep it up with good work and thank you for all!! Peace!!

  4. Have you guys heard of KIN Token yet?

    KIN Token is creator owns KIK chatting platform.
    (over 100milj users in play store)

    Kin project has created new platform called KINIT.
    In Kinit app you can earn KIN in different ways and you can download it from google Play store and IOS App store.
    KINIT is still only a beta release.
    You can download KINIT only if you live in USA or ISRAEL
    Thru this beta phase KINIT will solve all the problems with user experience and it will get rid of all the bugs before global release.

    Kin is sold in many exchanses right now… Check those markets out on CoinMarketCap.

    Search KIN Coin in google and read more about the project if you want =)
    This is leggit project from Canada what is still under the radar ;).

    Come to visit Kin Coin Telegram Channel.
    If you like our community you can join there too 😉

    This project will be huge in crypto markets near future!

    This can project can easily brake crypto mass adaptation boundary in daily cryptocurrency use in the future. =)

    I Really believe in this project and hope that we could get more people to join our community.=)

    Have a good day/night!
    Wish you only all the best in the future. Greetings from Finland!! =)

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