IS TETHER DYING? // Tether CryptoCurrency // Tether Delist Rumors and News

Is Tether dying? Are the rumors true that Tether CryptoCurrency is a scam and being delisted? Let’s go over the news! Follow Us on Twitter: …


  1. Go back to streaming, nobody wants to see your face all the time..I’ve been listening to you for over a year and you’ve strayed away from the path man…just keep it real and stop trying all of this new stuff trying to expand your channel, it’s not working…

  2. Zack i have been a loyal follower of your channel, but i haven't been lucky to win your LTC give away. i am hoping this time to be lucky enough. LRVb8d9W63ofa1xNEwMkx5WaWqWSvekPyX

  3. This is proof that once institutional money comes into Bitcoin, all the cryptocurrencies will moon …
    This Tether FUD was to test that theory. Institutional investors are testing the waters.

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