Is It Time To Move Away From Bitcoin?

Leave your opinion in the comment section below, I’d love you hear everyone’s view on the topic of whether we should or shouldn’t move the community away from Bitcoin! Links to sources featured…


  1. My opinion is that as a community we don't need to move away from Bitcoin I liken it to the Coca Cola aspect of first mover, it may be very volitile at present however so is all of the market for many reasons that have been speculated. I believe as a community education and a starting point is very powerful suggestion especiallty for those sitting on the fence not knowing where or how to start as the internet is flooded with so much conflicting information. We need to give people a solid set of tracks to run on where they are informed which will excite them to actually put there money into invest in the market, all markets need new investors. I think we all need to remember everyone has a day one in Crypto!!! Appreciate your daily news feed Louie keep it up. Crypto Jodie

  2. Cant wait for the cryptocurrency collapse. Im sick and tired of the inflated prices for my new PC build. $500 cards are now selling for $1200!
    I hope the collapse comes soon, people freak out over the money they spent on the imaginary currency and they all take their lives

  3. BTC should always be BTC and be remembered as the Gold of crypto's. Just as LTC is the silver so should BTC remain as being the Gold. The idea is good and gives the investor an idea of what it is in relation to real world and crypto world. Like a portal from one world to another it is understood from the visible to the invisible, like a symbol. New tech will speed up the process and lower the fees in deliverance of these precious crypto metals. The others can be seen in similar fashion representing commodities. I think what is best is to have other coins to be used as trading pairs, to make more affordable and user friendly. This way both crypto gold, crypto silver and crypto commodities will prosper as we have seen in the real stock market.

  4. Bitcoin is not popular anymore thats why it isnt moving. And too expensive. Take a shit coin like Paccoin. It went up to .01 today. It even hit number 3 on coin market for about 5mins. Glitch maybe. But it was the most popular coin today thats why it went up. So we need to pick a cheap coin. Take XRY Royalties. They stopped working on it in Jan. So wgen he comes back to work on it it will boost it up. Super cheap now. U can get 2mil coins. Wait for alot of people to buy in. It will go up to .01 quick. Cause it will be popular for that day. It was at $2.04 July 2017. Market always repeats itself. So go buy it and have 1k 2k people buy. Watch it will go up. Even though nothing is backing it. So go buy it. 1mil 2mil. U will make tons of money.

  5. @cryptoclub we should move away from it. The hard part is getting alternative trading pairs. Once more cryptos have fiat trading pairs btc dominance will fall.

  6. Bitcoin is Only number 1 because all coins MUST pass through bitcoin, not counting a few exchanges, if you want ANY other coin, bitcoin has to be purchased first, and this is whats driving up its volume. The worst part of all of this is, when Bitcoin receives negative news or has a massive sell off, EVERY other coin has to suffer as a result. – Someone sells off $400 Million in BITCOIN and the top 50 coins all dive down with it ? thats ridiculous, thats like someone selling half a billion worth of Mcdonalds stock and then LVMH and Sony start to tank as well at the same percentage. – Its honestly time that we all move away from bitcoin being the "GO TO" coin on the market, it should honestly be Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and possibly one other top 10 coin that other coins have to pass through, BTC being the "standard" will cause a LOT more people to lose money in the near future

  7. ask the right question first why was bitcoin created… Banks and governments messed up our financial system fiat money has been hyper inflated cause the our money's to be worth lot less and banks lending out money that doesn't exist remember 2008 credit crunch… how did the governments fix this well they took our tax money and gave it to the banks so they can go on. Guess what bitcoin was created just for that reason no governments or banks or people can inflate it or maliplate it's completely trustless and fair that's why you get government and banks saying bitcoin useless but thinks about it why… They can't control it! But they can with the other cryptocurency. Understand we depend on the government's and banks but now we have another choice. A extreme case is venezuela over hyper inflation that's a prime example. Thats is already happening ask yourself why is food more expensive… wrong right question is why is my money soo weak and worth less

  8. I cashed out of my 3 Bitcoin when it was above the $18000 mark. It was well worth it so far.

    The problem is Bitcoin's lack of utility. It's transaction speed is too slow and it's transaction fees too high. It fails as a medium of exchange.

  9. Stop justifying that BTC should stay as it was the first. This is pure BS. Atari was the first computer made; however, does this mean that Microsoft and Apple Mac should never be the best? You need to check yourself, the best tech will be the winner. Ethos will save us from this trap of being in BTC. Once Ethos gets big we will be able to purchase other coins directly.

  10. move away from BTC absolutely. These crashes are directly due to btc whales. They're crashing the entire market. Maybe its MT GOX maybe it isn't but better use coins need the ability to thrive and not be shackled to bitcoin.

  11. Right now its impossible to move away from bitcoin since its the big daddy and the first power crypto currency- the only way is many coins to start hitting up big prices regardless of the price of bitcoin then it will cause a chain reaction and then bitcoin will have lots of competition… that's the way i see it.

  12. Fck BTC, we should all move to Cardano and EOS, they are the more superior tech in the world. BTC is like Atari computer and Cardano is like Apple Mac. The problem is that many big youtubers that invested in BTC many years ago keep pumping it and spreading FUD about other coins as they want BTC to succeed. In the real world BTC is rubbish and Cardano is the king.

  13. I'm tired of this btc bullsh*t dragging down all other good projects. We need a direct fiat to altcoins purchase option in order to have a more popular and healthy market

  14. I have almost the same amount in eth as BTC and am happy with this. Eth is a great trading platform for new coins and feel that although BTC is the go to coin I think more and more companies are using eth as the chosen platform. I'm hoping to buy into the NEX ico and add to monero, Ada, icx and beetoken in the dip.

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