1. No one knew 20k was gonna be the high an no one knew itd go back to 5k..i think a good strategy is dollar against average..buying monthly amounts instead of just dropping all ur capital in on one day or a week. Then just holding for long term.

  2. Litecoin Halfing next year 2019, expect huge price swing for charlie lee! .. in 2020 we see the same for Bitcoin… not b cash..
    Bitcoin and with all the excitement surrounding we can possibly witness 100,000 bitcoin… good time to sell and take profits… stay on the side and buy in at large dips…. good luck πŸ™‚

  3. Just have a balanced portfolio. Then look for opportunities to grow the trading portfolio. Its one thing to know and its another thing to act. You just can't swing trades with a hodling mentality. Very hard for a hodler. To trade is to acquire a different market perspective. Takes time to attain.

  4. i hodl until my crypto goes up 100% and then i sell half… for tax purposes my rule of thumb is to hold a certain crypto for 1 year and 1 day before i sell or trade/swap for another coin, otherwise uncle sam will get ya for a short term large capital gain tax.
    ez thing to do is just hodl… but if u want to add to ur crypto sell it when it doubles and stay on the sidelines to buy back in when ur coin goes lower.
    example, sell ur bitcoin last dec at 19,500 and buy back in at 6,000….this way u get a tripple hitter!

  5. I have a portfolio but I have coins I trade. I basically I have several coins I am familiar with and know their patterns. I have success 1 out of 3 times and cut loses quickly. I found I could grow a small account over time. My opinion is HODLING only works when you know you are in a Bull market. I learnt that the hard way and it hurt financially.

  6. yup. 3-5 years agreed. daytrade if you are not rich and want to lose money..maybe make profit..i think crypto as real estate.i don't flip. just HODL..collect passive coins thru NEO and ONT.

  7. "Be aware of the whales 🐳 they pump & dump the price" – The majority of crypto traders believe that markets move randomly and is based on a collective wisdom of investors, however the truth is quite the opposite. Markets are often manipulated by few players. Big market participants – the so called whales – and insiders control and manipulate markets up and down to maximize profit. Market manipulation is undeniable and unavoidable, so don’t ignore it. It is not only the unregulated crypto market that are subject to manipulation it happens across all financial markets (stock, bonds, currencies, commodities, etc.). However, the crypto markets are much more prone to manipulation.πŸ³πŸ‹πŸ³πŸ‹

  8. At this stage of my short crypto career this is the biggest decision i have to take everyday.
    Would appreciate a longer video on this.
    keep up the good work

  9. Great video Bud! Excellent question. I prefer to just hold but if you know how to trade more power to you. I see more post from traders who got burned than who were successful.

  10. Cryptobud, I've been following you since Nov last year. I've been hodling but this last month, actually these last 2 weeks I had observed an opportunity to grow my portfolio at least 4 times of about 1k each. I really want to take the opportunity of your training so I can take advantage of these swings but it is difficult to do with a day job. Regardless, where can I get started?

  11. I agree that swing trading is the best option. If you're holding, you miss out on all the crazy price swings. If you're day trading, you're wasting a lot of time and racking up trading fees, just to make less money than you would swing trading

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