Is EOS The #1 Coin of 2018 or will it….

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  1. EOS has a massive social impact vision – its Dan's driving force for creating all his projects – and I have always had a strong sense of that vision being magnified through the EOS community. Sure – money comes in but the vision is still alive. This will happen to every platform as adoption occurs.

  2. EOS has NO rival coin and will be The number 1 or 2 coin in market cap for years to come. Look for $30 to $50 by the time they go live and $300 plus by year end!

  3. Your information is not correct.

    1.EOS has a working product. It's called DAWN 4.0. The reason for the rise is due to the release of DAWN 3.0. People have compiled and ran the beta on a test net. Since it is open source you can to verify yourself! 1000tps is the base transaction speed. The network can easily reach up to 5000tps.

    2. The reason Dan Larimer abandoned his previous two project is because Ethereum network is crappy, not scalable. This is the reason he moved onto EOS – a platform designed for DApps.

    3. EOS has a very LOW VALUATION given that it HAS a working product! If you compare to Amazon's AWS, even if the product is not decentralized EOS should worth $23 just for simple web service. If you compare to Ethereum, EOS should worth well over $70.

    Maybe Ethereum has the first mover advantage in Smart Contracts, but it is NOT suitable for developing DApps. This the reason EOS is severely UNDERVALUED. If you find this information to be helpful, please up vote!

  4. I don't see why there should be only one smart contract platform either. I think Ethereum and EOS have relative advantages for certain apps. The notion that Ethereum has too much of a head start is misconstrued however: there is simply no big dApp yet on public blockchains and it is anyone's game right now.

  5. Great video and balanced but a few questions. Were Facebook and Google "incumbents?" Myspace was first and then Facebook improved it and Yahoo was in first and then Google improved upon it. 2) Also Dan has MAJOR financial incentives to not go anywhere for ten years and he can continue to be creative as he can do the DAPPS. 3) Major question is CAN ETH increase speed in the next 3-6 months? Low speed + additional cost are the issues, don think the masses care about censorship resistance as a whole. (Note: SEC and IRS could still come between you and how you spend the money) Neither FAST nor censorship resistant?? Starting at 1000 and think they will scale to 1 Million. Great video and really liked it but just some thoughts. Blessings!

  6. for the ETH network effect, sure it has a head start, but WHEN most ERC20s are defunct, sued or blow up the bad taste will be too great. Also, remember Netscape Navigator then IE now Chrome (coming up Brave)? You can't say Google had any first mover advantage. They barely had a search engine in 2000. I have zero interest in anything ETH related and expect bigger and better things from EOS and Cardano.

  7. It is not DM abandoned the projects.  It is because it is open source and decentralized so he lost control of those two projects. He had to leave.

  8. "No working product" They just released EOS 4.0 to developers and 8th spot on the most worked on c++ git hub projects, with record breaking amount of code. Inflation is key to any economic system, you want deflation???? dude really???

  9. Actually, EOS is a test net. I keep hearing people say there is no working product, and fail to mention that it has been an active test net since December 2017, which came online ahead of schedule I might add. All around I think your review has been much more level headed than most I have heard of late, and find it refreshing. I have been in since October, and have been following the project closely, well as close you can without being in the development community. I am not a fanboy, however, I try to remain level headed when it comes to my investments. The long ICO is a mechanism designed to distribute the tokens more evenly, to avoid centralization of the tokens. They used a Dutch Auction model to achieve this. Once again I see so many Tubers that bring up the long ICO with out mentioning the the devs explanation for the design. In addition they are using a considerable sum of that ICO money to be managed by a Venture Capitol firm to vet projects that will be building on the platform, and distributiung grants to good projects. All of this data is surface level stuff if you honestly spend more than half a minute researching it. I really don't mind people bringing up potential scenarios that may play out based on the raw data, in fact I encourage it. I want to remain skeptical in all of my investment appraisals, so as not to lose perspective, but when people bring up the doom and gloom lowest common denominator stuff without including counterpoint position on the matter, I have to assume an underlying agenda of the creator of the content, or just lazy reporting. Either way it does not encourage further viewing. Please don't take my rant personally, as far as I can tell you don't seem to have an obvious agenda for or against. You bring up good points and give me real things to consider in the continuation of my position, and I thank you for this. I hope my criticisms of the space and some of the operators in said space will help to improve the climate and reward people doing solid research and good reporting, and de-incentivizing the shills.

  10. Ive been all in on eos since i researched it mid Jan and i will continue to buy until main net also. 1000 coins should be enough for retirement in a few years right 😉. It's like buying ethereum in march 2017 and it will overtake eth in a year or two anyway 👍 You keep saying the longest ico but it's because it's based on googles ipo and it has been done to ensure whales don't hold all the tokens and it's in the hands of alot of investors. Also Larimer left the other products because he would've had to fork them to implement the changes needed to fix issues he saw. EOS can have changes done without forking and these are the tricks he has learnt from the other two projects and he's said he needed to build EOS so he could have a protocol with everything he wanted to be able build the dapps he wants to build on top of EOS. So the argument of what if he leaves doesn't matter because once it's launched he will be off building dapps. Good video, good research just thought I'd add a few thoughts on the content 👍

  11. EOS King of the Blockchain & Smart Contracts.

    • Hard Forks won't spawn multiple chains.
    • Problematic applications? They will have a mechanism to freeze and fix those application without affecting nor disrupting other EOS applications. This in my opinion is genius.
    • Network scaling in the millions of transactions per second by way of parallelization.
    • At launch, will be able to perform up to 10,000 to 100,000 transactions per second. Did I mention for FREE.
    • Owners of EOS tokens will have a proportional stake in the network bandwidth storage & computing power.
    • Zero transaction fees and no cost to developers (expect the initial EOS tokens). None of this ridiculous Ethereum GAS fees.
    • No ICO model. Instead, EOS holders are rewarded with Air Drops of new and approved dApps. I love this distribution strategy.

    EOS can potentially KILL OFF Ethereum.

  12. Hello – I saw that you could do a coin review if asked. I'm really interested in Oyster Pearl. What do you think about it? Main net launch is coming soon and they seem to be solving a real-world problem very functionally. It seems to me such an undervalued cryptocurrency at the moment. Your thoughts? Or maybe a more detailed review on video? Thanks.

  13. Absolute rubbish, how can call investors in Eos that average 1500 dollars investment in EOS whales.And also we EOS investors believe very strongly that our cooperative is adding a lot of value to the world.
    Face man Ethereum is dying

  14. Very bias towards ETH , some good points but EOS will be blow everything else out the water, Fast,Free, secure, Air Drops , rental of EOS coins to Dapp developers ,scalable the list goes on …

  15. Thanks very much, an excellent review, I agree with much of what you say. I was mostly invested in Etherium until I researched EOS and decided to switch over to EOS as my main holding. In my view your biggest mistake in evaluating EOS is saying people don't really believe passionately in the technology of the project and that they are involved mainly for the money. From what I have listened to I believe virtually all of the block producer candidates are very passionately involved because they want to make the world a better place first and after having achieved that make money not only for themselves but all the token holders as well. The other thing, although I absolutely love Vitalik, I don't think it is a forgone conclusion they will be able to scale Etherium before they lose their first mover advantage. I will never sell my core Etherium but I am betting on EOS to take the number 2 spot in a couple of years with a market cap far larger than today.

  16. Catch the wave of EOS early. These opportunities dont come every day. You just never know what will happen. Its like buying digital real estate, with added benefits and air drops. Long term hold, no rush to 10x.

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