Is EOS STILL A Smart Investment? Or a Scam?? [Cryptocurrency | Altcoin | Bitcoin]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team, Today I put EOS on trial. Is it centralized? Is Dan Larimer a scam artist? What’s up with the EOS constitution? Let’s talk about it. This is a …


  1. Thanks for a balanced assessment. I see a lot of fudsters/EOS haters trying to tear the project down, and while they “claim” to be impartial, they wear their biases on their sleeves. Keep up the good work!

  2. People don't like something they don't understand as it is easier to cause fud then to do the valuable research and maybe even get rich oneday, which in crypto is very possible..

  3. Stop listening to fud. Specially Bix Weir, “Mr. Good Guy”… Bullshit. No one is always good. Plus, Bix Weir is just using hate for EOS to keep himself relevant. It’s called clout chasing. The way he is hanging on the coat tails of Cliff High and JSnip.

    If Bix Weir stop talking bad about EOS , he will lose his audience. No one will listen to him. I dare him to stop talking about EOS.

  4. I invested 1.5btc with and it yielded 6btc which is exactly x4 of what I invested, they could help you retrieve your lost or hacked btc wallet and provide a private key for an attached wallet contact them ( and instagram bitcoinworldwide2

  5. I still believe in EOS and Dan. I am heavily invested in EOS and have faith in it. It will survive this difficult time. Dallas Rushing has some very good EOS breakdown and news videos, I advise you to check these videos and after that make your decision of what to think of EOS. Regards Rob

  6. EOS is always a smart buy. Buy up now before it goes up. To the Youtuber, get your facts straight. EOS has over 600 Nodes. And is pure Decentralized. Read up more on EOS then re=due your youtube video.

  7. Well this video skipped some huge points. EOS has the 3 year clause in the constitution for a very good unmentioned reason. Narrator doesn't mention how Eth was a huge scam too when it first came out (maybe you weren't around then.) Anyway… hate on it.. bring the price lower for me… i'm looking for a good buy in. I shouldn't even post this if I truly want a better buy in price but thats what smarter people than me do.

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  9. EOS isn't having any problems. The only problem lies in people who think that headlines that's a EOS freezes 27 accounts is a bad thing. EOS is working exactly the way it was designed. All of these accounts were either asked to be frozen because somebody is scamming them or they are the scammers. All of the fud lies in people talking about us like all of this is a problem when they just don't understand it because they're used to the way other blockchain projects.

  10. It's the most hyped and fomo coin. They did some good marketing without a working product. Anyone that's holding eos are dreaming for another get rich ethereum, cause this miss the boat. So all eos holder will defend their investment, even though theres a ton of potential problems with this fomo coin.Theres better blockchains 3.0 than this but it's not being marketed yet, and they have a working product without any flaws and once they get marketed like eos did they will shoot through the roof!

  11. As an objective wary investor, I'm skeptical. I don't understand why $4,000,000,000.00 for a pseudo-IPO (ICO) is necessary for building a project without a physical product that the entire planet needs. Even with a working product, or say a software, or a "decentralized" app platform, for $4bil, you need to have already a plethora of problems existing that this product plans to and successfully demonstrates the ability to solve. Then with $4bil they cannot even execute on time. The 21 block producers don't trust each other enough to vote on time. Alot of scammers and phishing. Freezing blocks. Etc… Way too much disagreement for what seems to me was OVERHYPE. $4 Billion Jesus H. Q. Christ on a unicycle. Well that being said I hope it works for the sake of people who invested. Meantime I'm glad I bought at 5 bucks and sold at 20. I see EOS and Steem leaders going to prison for not registered ICO's

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