Is Coinbase Custody Driving Up The Price of Bitcoin?

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  1. Coinbase it trying to prop up their defunct BTC but institutional investors are not going to want to buy a fund full of unusable digital currencies and science experiment coins. Coinbase better start offering XRP or they're going to loose their asses. Uphold is in the process of buying a NY brokerage house so look out! SBI goes prime time to the public in Japan on the 18th so double look out. I won't touch coinbase with a 100ft pole, Uphold is my new exchange.

  2. My guess is that the 6-month futures on bitcoin expired last week. After each expiry, you always see a recovery in price. I do admit that it is showing more strength and if we can keep it up above the 6500-6400 levels, you will see another increase in the upcoming days.

  3. Hmm, so what you're saying is that not every big movement candle is due to, "whales manipulating the market"? Now i wonder where I've heard that before? You need to up your research game dude.

  4. Great analysis Alex, the spikes had me questioning whether it was manipulation or not and this clears it up. Nice to see strength after the months we've had in this market.

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