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    Most of us make decisions in our daily lives based on facts, so why not apply it to our investment decisions.
    Do you know what a Police Detectives, Investigative Reporters and Scientists all have in common, they all follow the facts. They are not driven by their emotions (wishful thinking).
    Fact #1. All these platforms stop communicating just before they exit scam.
    Fact #2. They make false promises, like internal/external exchange is coming, desktop wallet is coming, we are dev an AI bot or we are rebranding, their just stringing us along, keeping us in a state of uncertainty.
    Fact #3. Some facts are obvious if you do some research, like what are the requirements to be on an external exchange, high max coin supply, working platform, blockchain explore, desktop wallet, high daily volume and depends on the exchange, the price is very high and they may not be willing to waste money when an exit scam is imminent, just think about it, how many of these types of platforms have actually made it to an external exchange.
    Fact #4. Lack of continued development of the platform.
    Fact #5. Some new gimmick for a last money grab.
    Fact #6. When their token price has fallen to $0.02, you can color them gone.
    Fact #7. If you can't pull your money from the platform, you can color them gone.
    The list is not all inclusive.
    Keep a watchful eye for these events, that’s when you’ll know that an exit scam is imminent.
    PS: We succumb to our own greed and in our constant search for a get rich soon scheme become the victims of Ponzi scams. When things look too good to be true they usually are.

  2. Monetize wil rock bcz it have less supply n and wil dfntly raise to 300 dollar no dbt only less coins availbl and mnthly they r burng there coins and there return not based on crypto

  3. For those looking for some updated info on Monyx check out crypto whiteboard here’s a link to his video

    He’s talking to someone who says she’s a dev there and some interest info. New white paper coming out possibly next week, info on hot wallet, 1st week of April exchange should open, there’s a new telegram channel for Monyx. Check it out hopefully good things are about to happen with Monyx

  4. I feel that all lending programs rely on the rise of Bitcoin, to become profitable, if Bitcoin continue to fall they would all fail, if Bitcoin pick up then these programs would become successful

  5. "is mnz failling" seriously ? not gonna watch your video as the title is clearly a click bait and monetize been booming nicely you got my thumbs down have a nice day.

  6. Cmon man! I’m a bit disappointed. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I do subscribe to your channel and U usually have good positive and informative videos. However Starting off by mentioning the Oracle ..your beating a dead horse with that. He’s not even in the game anymore. Then you’re FUD’ing your own investments. Why can’t u simply say “Chrysos and Monyx nothing has changed it’s still in limbo, hopefully one day it will work out, if not i didn’t invest a lot and that’s why we spread our investments”. And Finecoin went up last night. It looks like it’s very slowly going up. Let’s stay positive, be prepared for the worst but always hope for the best.

  7. Keep telling everyone novachain the only lend platform here to stay they're the most transparent ive seen by far they even gave any unhappy ico investors money back after the community agreed to a vote too rebrand the site to payout in btc,eth,and usdt.

  8. chrysos is toast, even at 2$ nobody will buy, even at 2$ the price will drop in the external exhange. And anyone that was in chrysos will get out if their plans do work out, unless they pull something miraculous off you will be lucky to break less than even from what is loss from your initial investment by June. The only thing that can help chrysos investors is their supposib trading bot and earning interest when the lends are reset to 2$ and the pure lending. And that even if they do manage to keep their lending in order and up to date

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