Looking at the crypto currency markets for trading BTC and LTC etc. This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Binance and Kucoin.


  1. What do you mean we don't have the right sentiment to go higher? Is the right sentiment being a lot of people expecting it to go higher? Like a lot of people did at 20000? Actually right now the sentiment is that it's going lower… Every youtuber says it's going down to 6000 at least, maybe 5000, 4000, which means the casual trader / average trader probably also believes so …. Is it when the sentiment is "right" for something to happen, it will?…>P Just a thought

  2. Good day Forflies, et all, always appreciate ur TA & commentary.
    If BTC can drop $1100 in 1day, it seems completely plausible & probable that the opposite can also occur.
    Up & Down & All Around, where BTC goes, no1 knows. Bot's/API's/Algo's/HFT/ETF's/ICE's Bakkt,M$,G$, mkt manip, I Don't Care!
    IMHO, a few things worthy of consideration:
    1) Huge $$$'s r moving in via OTC, institutionally & from countries w/ failing fiats, short all u want, be sure to set ur stop losses.
    2) BTC represents a form of economic freedom that transcends many boundaries.
    3) BTC/Alt's r the wild west (read unregulated) making it very volatile, but the underlying intrinsic value is validated via Blockchain.
    4) Adoption & implementations are occurring rapidly & most of it behind our backs.
    As always, do ur own TA/FA, move in/out carefully, set ur stop losses to protect ur a$$et$, don't panic, be brave, HODL the line &
    U shall be rewarded.
    Kind regards to all.

  3. Forflies…First thank you for the videos and the work you put into them. That said. The DXY correlation is more than just this short time frame. Look at 2017….dollar had a very bad year…BTC did very well. April 2018…Dollar dump..BTC spike. It may not be a driving factor but is sure plays into the price action. People are dumping their alts to buy bitcoin. Everyone is anticipating the ETF decision. This is just my thoughts. I think the EFT will be delayed….BTC will make another lower high and move back down.

  4. If people think it is too expensive at this price what's going to change that argument at 5000 or 4000 or 3000 or even $50? If people are just a bunch of emotional little girls that chase really far One Direction and then Chase really far the other direction, okay, I can get that but realize what you are. I think the majority of the YouTube videos all singing the same song are going to make one or two things happen. You're either going to get the situation play out simply because you can convince everyone to put their money that way or the more likely scenario the majority of people are going to get really bearish and think it's terrible and then the price will rise in their face. They will watch it for some time and when it doesn't fall they will chase and buy at a much higher price

  5. Hi Sami I think the psychology won’t be that the interest will go from crypto, what I think will happen is people will leave licking there wounds and fresh meat will enter and this will just be a cycle

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  7. Just watched this other guy's video measuring ABC,123,XYZ,12345 on every time frame for over 30 minutes and the only reason why he maybe knows where it's going is by measuring the head and shoulders.. lol
    Just lost belief in Elliot wave..

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