Is Bitcoin Set To EXPLODE? Is Ethereum About To Save The Day??

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  1. yeah a lot of money to be made if you know where it is going or if you got lucky ones. unfortunately it is more losses than gains what people are experiencing .

  2. More like set to implode! Leverage trading has killed crypto. All it is now is market makers liquidating longs and shorts. We need a stable btc price for years so market makers cant make money before btc can grow.

  3. You know, the whole year people were bulliush around 6 K and it hit everyone in the face… the same will happen now but even more painful. A price drop doesn' tmean anything for the fundamentals. It just means people take profit in a uncertain period. Untill no one wants to take their profit anymore and only invest. That will be the bottom.

  4. Hi Jebb, in normal stock markets, if we see a 20% rally at the end of a bear market, this is technically classed as the beginning of a bull market. Does the same equation apply to the crypto market?

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