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  2. "Three More Countries Join Planned Lawsuit Against Internet Giants For Banning Crypto Ads" Thought you might have a comment or two on this headline in your next video. Hope you get this. dont have an email for you so this is only method for contact.

  3. So if u have the opportunity to have 1.7 btc right now or 2btc in one year, u will go for the one year option? And if the worst happens to hasflare? Shotdown or whatever? U spent $12k and end the up with maybe less than the 1.7 that u could have buy today…

    Don’t know, right now if I had the money to get 2 bitcoins or to mine it, I think I’ll just get the coins and if it goes to $1000 or $25000 still I don’t see the huge benefits of mining it like that, unless u built ur own computer, then 100% yes

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  5. I have invested 2 months ago in hashflare but the proble is that you can not withdrawal less then 500 dollars. So if you invest for excemple 100 dollas wat is my case you will never wil take the money when the year past so you lose your money o think.

  6. Hi, with 100 TH contract you will earn 51$ per day but you will pay 35$ pool fees, thats 70% of your profit.
    in reality you will earn 16$ a day !
    100 TH contract is-it still profitable as BTC difficulty grow up and price go down ?

  7. this sounds to good to be true, be very very careful, i would stay away from this , their is no way you can put 12 k in and get a million out id BTC goes to silly prices, they wont have the money tp pay every one whos doing this

  8. Do you have bitcoin? Do you know you can mine 0.1Btc in two days or 0.5Btc in two weeks mining with Mr Jordan Bruyne Mining system? I will advise you contact him if you are interested in doing so.( is his email address..its working for me.

  9. I'm an elderly gentleman, closing in on 50 years 0f age. My son introduced me to Cryptocurrency mining in late 2012. After doing a lot of researching Btc I felt strongly that It had a lot of growth and potential ahead of it. So my son and I built my 1st rig and I started mining in January 2013, pulled $5,000 from my IRA and bought Btc at $13.44 and have never looked back since. The sweetest sound that I've ever heard was the clink of my 1st mined Bitcoin way back when. That was as satisfying a note as there ever was on any musical scale. Nothing but happy days ahead since. Don’t get me wrong, there have been bumps in this Crypto highway, the demise of the Silk Road, Mt Gox, DAO hack to name a few but as a HOLDer (holding on for the long duration) not a HODLer (hanging on for dear life) and not day trading, has rewarded me with quite a decent profit. It just takes a lot of patience (Sisu) and doing your research with due diligence. I have since invested in Ethereum (Dec 2015), Monero (Jan 2016) and lately Omisego (July 2017) all purchased from some of my profits from Btc to go along with my newly acquired free Bch and recently free Omg. I'm currently operating 3 rigs equipped with 6 gpus each. 2 mining Eth and 1 Monero for now, all of which will be re-evaluated after Metropolis kicks in to see which direction I go from here. So I ‘m back to doing more research in order to help with my next moves but I'll always be a strong believer in Ethereum which is where I've made my money so far. HOLDing on to the rest for now. Btc $5,000-10,000, Eth $2,500- 5,000, Monero $200-400, Omg $100-1,000 no one ever really knows but MY research says yes and so far MY research has not proven me wrong. Bought Btc at $13.44, Eth at .80, Monero at .48, Omg at .43 Bch for free. No where to go but up for me. Just biding my time. It's taken me over 4 and a half years to get here but I've made over $4,000,000 so far with just my original investment plus the cost of my rigs and I’m still sitting on a lot more. Taking a position and HOLDing is where the real profit is and it isn't going to happen overnight. So if you want aggravation and ulcers go ahead and day trade, try and beat the Market I wish you luck but the real money comes with Research, HOLDing and Patience. Hope this advice helps because in the long run what it all comes down to, its just Eths, You and Me hopefully making the right decisions, feel free to get in touch with me via steeledavideugene3@gmail .com, i will surely guide you on how to invest wisely in cryptocurrencies that will make you more profit at the moment.

  10. I think you forgot to say that if you use hashflare a large amount of Fiat is need. Because you need to have 0.05 Btc mined + fees to make a withdrawal.
    Thanks for your videos and facebook page.
    Long live the blockchain !

  11. After I suffered from a big loss with other platforms through mining then I didn’t give up until I met with graham who showed a legit platform then I and my friends participated and we are earning large from it. For more info contact
    I am grateful to Mr Graham

  12. Not sure in this market anymore has been bearish too long for me to think its gonna be bullish any time soon. I believe in the technology and know it will go up in the future, but unsure for the mean time. As you said if BTC goes above 20 day moving average we might be in a bullish market.

  13. Man, I would love for McAfee to be right this one time and have Bitcoin hit $1million. If we're all millionaires is it still a big deal? BTC: 15bqQW3gg2irvZnTUbURwZvad3kzJ5dgr2

  14. Thank you for what you do! BTC 1P7gQp1s6au7cMDpQGFgguKUTMo4BxDtPz Patrick I am interested in Hashflare and just not sure how it all works out. I have been to the web sight and I do not see anywhere I would sign for the one year contract. Also it does not look like I have to put any money down and I can just purchase what I want for hash rate is that right?

  15. Also do u think Hashflare is the best cloud mining. Maybe do a video comparing the mining sites. Compare fees, price, etc… Thanks

  16. I really want to start bitcoin mining.. I believe this is the best time to do that so that when the bulls arrive.. The BTC mined will be worth so much.. Nice video Pato..

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