Is Bitcoin going lower or have we expired out of the Bear market.

Bitcoin has been FLAT for a few months now have we expired out of the bear market? I have done some research for some parallels and this is what I came up …


  1. Hi Randy, always enjoy your analysis and webinars. Check out the BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin (BLX). I would like to hear your thoughts on the 3 day chart with the 50MA and 200MA and volume analysis only. Comparing the current market cycle to that of 2014. Have a look.

  2. I think the bears have about another 6 months to go! People are expecting lightening to strike twice and on the same spot…Lol

    Make no mistake about it, Crypto will skyrocket and outperform the last bull market, but that will happen once firms start delivering sustained value and relevant technologies gain mass adoption. Once this happens, patience will be rewarded handsomely!

  3. came to a similar conclusion as you a couple weeks ago when we broke the long term descending triangle. I am cautiously optimistic. Starting to buy in now with stop losses around 5700-6000.

  4. Whoa Randy whoa!!! I’ve followed you for a while and I love your videos. Always great to get your perspective and opinion. It’s fun to hear some neutral to bullish sentiment too! Keep up the great work, love your honesty!

  5. Love the video @Real-Crypto. You already know I've been Bullish on BTC for a few days now. So it's good to hear you open to changing your stance. Just get ready for that Lambo Moon Cannon.

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