Is Bitcoin DOOMED To Break Support At $6,000 & Crash?

We’ll talk about the Bitcoin market, and discuss the possibility of a Bitcoin crash below $6000. I’ll also explain a similarity in the current Bitcoin price action and …


  1. FUD topic but great video. Many i know are still waiting for lows to buy. They maybe right or wrong. But im just buying more on every dip. Buying more of all the potential coins from profit i got during december bull run. Love tether for this reason.
    Nano and DeepOnion are the hottest buys now which is hugely dumped because they were free distributions. But technology always wins. Hope to see the bull run return soon.

  2. I’ve heard that they want it down to 5k. Preferably 3k but they may struggle to do that. I want to buy now but wud luv to hit the low as I bought loads in Dec. Really need to get my cost average way down. Thanks Jebb.

  3. Yes, it must test $5K ($4980) until any institutional money goes long, right now they are short, and will continue to be short until mining slows dramatically. CIA may also be working with large US financial institutions and hedge funds in order to punish the Chinese mining pools and mining equipment manufacturers.

  4. Sounds like a bad time for me to start up my mining Farm. Oh well too late now I'm already started it. Just keep my fingers crossed I can make money

  5. Nasal intro to the extreem!
    Can you make your next video with more nasal capacity? : "Hey guys, what is going on?" but even more nasal please.
    And if you can, please make the intonation pattern like a racing motorcycle zooming by but with a bit more speed. haha

    Some good points in your video.

    Awesome !

  6. Hope you had a nice road trip. Glad your back. Look forward to you TA. I think 5.4 to 5.7 k before short bull run to 7k then below 6k once again. We shall see.

  7. well nice review but so to let you know i have feeling that the end is so near Lighting network is up and it's something will make sure bitcoin will have more people so the bullrun is near also like i said before bitcoin will break 6k and it did if it goes down more wont likely go below 4900 what ever happened as i far i see we already found our bottom but if you look around the action going in the market well you can't be sure

    Keep the good work Jebb and have nice day

  8. Better not break $5,000 or the people responsible for manipulation needs to get a beating. I'm tired of not having real honest markets. It's bullcrap.

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