Is Bitcoin Dead in 2018? Is this the end of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and should you sell it? Is Bitcoin going to crash? Is Bitcoin a bubble? These are ALL questions asked by many investors,…


  1. bro…for real…you dont know the diffrence between a CREDIT card and a DEBIT card? Ofc they dont allow consumers to buy digital money on loaned money because they dont have something physical to recover and they cant make you give your wallet password/private key to them. thats why they dont allow it from a CREDIT card.

  2. Nicely done Nick. You are 100% right that it is going to take some of the heavy hitters to step up and embrace Bitcoin. Congress will also have to put some type of law that would regulate it as a currency before the banks will step up. Time will tell but until then it will be a few more years for sure before society will decided to embrace it.

  3. Google, fb and others are banning advertising about it and use 'protection against fraud' as a scapegoat. They know this technology is disrupting their business model. They want to buy some more time. There are tons of ico's which are fraudulent and use the large percentage gains to fill there own bags. But seriously this is 2018 and the era of massive information. Do your own homework and think twice when a bank tells you what to do with your money/when a social media platforms blocks content. Btw, that money on your bank account isn't even your money, it's technicaly theirs. Maybe a good episode already in the making explaining fractional reserve banking? I recogn more viewers after watching that episode would understand why something like BTC has been rising so much over the past years. Which is the largest house of cards? All the bubbles in the different markets vs tangibles/precious metals/BTC? In my view the traditional markets overbought with cheap and leveraged money but I'm not a visionary, just my 2 cents.

  4. Think of bitcoin as 2Pac and the year is 97, yes the hype is dead but believe me when I tell you. There will be more Bitcoin Album, remixes, singles … you get the point. you are smart.

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