Is $3,000 Bitcoin Unavoidable At This Point…? ICOs Might NOT Be Securities?!? $BTC Adoption Up 🚀

Is $3000 #Bitcoin unavoidable at this point? ICOs COULD be exempt from securities laws, Corda R3 adds $XRP, freelancers love crypto, IRS to face record …


  1. XRP is .30¢ and if it 20x it will be $6.00. The average XRP holder has between 5k and 25k XRP. 25k XRP = $150,000 and the cheapest current Lamborghini is over 200k. It's extremely unlikely for XRP to hit $6.00 during the next bull run but assuming it does,
    For argument sake, you ain't getting a new Lambo. For XRP to hit $6.00 you'd have to take 100% of the money currently in the entire Crypto market today and you'd only be a little less than half way… as Ripple the company dumps a billion XRP on the market monthly, it becomes that much harder. XRP is simply a bad investment unless you bought a bunch under .03¢

  2. with all these regulations being set, I wonder how much old cold wallets, practically untraceable, are worth right now… I think it's too early to buy into more crypto, still waiting, patiently.

  3. why you not sale now when you believe 1000 or below you nose pickers, then all the mess is over soon and the bull market can start, every day your stupid never ending whining

  4. I actually canceled my buy orders today that I had around 3000 and just bought with half what I want to spend right now. I kind of think that with all these eyes on 3000 that whoever is going to sell already has and this falling wedge…

  5. we r 3,6k but we cant avoid 3k? buahahahaha at an inverse parabola going down…we might see 1,8-2k if u said ok cause there is some support, then 1-2 bounces for a month or two and then 2nd leg of capitulation, 3k is nowhere near bottom, try 1-1,5k is a full retracement, people be shaking when they should watching the prices and buying, u saw what the whales r doing with ETH and they just started? this is a opportunity of a lifetime!!! and a test of patience and awareness, dont buy the dip, buy the full retracement

  6. What I am seeing is that the same people who were absolutely wrong in all their predictions about a continued bull market, suddenly are geniuses and claim that they can accurately map out the bear market. This is not at all a slight against this video, channel or posters, but rather a general observation. Whenever the shills are wrong it is never their shitty analysis, but rather CME manipulation, the deep state, evil whales or some cosmic force that is conspiring against their youtube prognostications.

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