Ira Epstein’s End of the Day Financial Video 2 28 2018

Ira Epstein reviews the days trading in the Financial markets. For more information and access to Ira’s free offers for futures traders, visit Link to Our Website:…


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but when it was well overbought a couple of days ago did you not say correction won’t happen next day? It’s pump and dump scenarios again and again. It’s time for it to crash. Just wait. And I mean is 18000 in couple of months not obvious target? You doing good job I respect you but need to be honest with us. Also you say what happens at the end of wave 5 which is next. Have a good day

  2. Two reversals today is enough for me… crooked Wall St. isn't getting anymore of my money. And the U.S. markets suck anyway… Up/Down in AM flat all day Down/Up/Down in PM. Flip a coin on how the opening and closes go. 50/50 chance of losing money, not vet good odds.

  3. It could gone either way, why sold some of my DOG, turned out to be a mistake, made killing on STB though…. anyway, erm, so you sounded bullish yesterday but I did say, closed below trend line, think was from 8th or 9th Feb off 22nd if i recall, and that could then see 2717, well that was current middle bollinger band 20 dma, of course changes next day, bang on, 2713 and worryingly enough the DOW closed below it's 20 dma, the middle bollinger band on normal candles, not heiken ashi, however, one silver lining, market over sold on 1 hour now and at, well s&p closed below bottom regression channel, stretched right out from 9th Feb, just checked, so 9th was low then…. pulled out up to today, worrying cause might try retesting at about 2732 area and if rejects and then moves back down and sets new low, watch out 200 dma we might well come again, worrying indeed…. I'm not 55/45 bearish, from 50/50 and from other day 55/45 bullish, so we shall see tomorrow, no predictions as such, could go either way again… :).

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