1. Banking did not start in Medieval times and the Jews did not invent banking. The Torah forbids Jews to lend money to each other at interest. Indeed, the Torah requires forgiveness of loans in the 7h year and all land to be returned in the 50th year. Jews are allowed to lend money to gentiles at interest and that is how they got into banking. Banking started among the ancient Sumerians even before Abraham was born. The Romans also had banks and loans at interest. During the middle ages, the most powerful bankers were the Knights Templar who were an order of Catholic monks that also fought as knights in the Crusades. They established bank branches from England to Baghdad and traded with the Muslims. Islamic banks don't charge interest but they do charge lease rentals and "fees" that are a form of quasi interest that seems to meet their religious requirements. BP does a good job in pointing out the flaws in modern banking but fails to propose a workable substitute. A return to a world without banking would be like going back to the stone age. Perhaps we should try the Levitical system of Judaism and require loans to be forgiven every seventh year.

  2. Your taking the jew angle. It's incorrect. The Templars, with backing from the church and kings, became the first and largest international bankers. It is, to this day, the church and aristocracy via secret societies such as freemasonry, who run the monetary system. The jews are necessary front men.

  3. I absolutely hate the concept of interest. I just bought a car for “$9,998”. Then the 28% interest hit. Maybe I was “caught in the moment” of happiness, since this is my first new/used car. I believe that when I was signing shit, there was a number of $22,000 that stuck in my head. The lady showed me that part of that $22,000 went to the dealership, whilst the other half went to the bank. So, now I have a $500 car note (car note and insurance combined), which sucks because I really needed this car in order to make money, and calling Uber’s every day for 5/6 days stacked up. It’s a system that leaches on everyone, even those who can afford interest. IOU’s are ridiculous! Just let me pay exactly what I borrowed over 60-72 months, instead of, what seemed to be doubling what I borrowed.

  4. I have a query, if money is loaned from a central bank(bank of England) which is owned by the Government, the government can chose to default, right? What will happen if Govt defaults to its own bank?

  5. The bloody western civiliziation built on jewish banking. To finance wars .science .industry .new weapons. third world colonization and steal their oil . iron…….without the jews the west will still buy heaven from pope lol. The west run away from pope and christianity to satanic jews banks.the last way is more worst for them and the world. The jews now are destroying the last white stronghold before the wake up .the white race will be punished and vanish .you harvest what did you plant. I hope the life on the earth survive after all the pollution and coming nuclear war..

  6. Recommended watch:

    -Paul Grignon: Money as debt.
    -Zeitgeist part 1 and 2 (still relevant!)
    -Usury? Or Jewsury?

    Recommended reads:

    -Ezra Pound: Work and Usury.
    -Gottfried Feder (! "nazi" author, at your own risk !): Breaking the chains of usury.
    -Jacques Attali (jewish author, so kosher-approved): Jews, money, and the world (excellent title btw).

  7. At its core fractional reserve banking makes sense, a way to expand the money supply in order to allow for greater levels of economic activity. That being said, the modern evolution and incarnation of these systems has become to monsterously mutated and hideously complicated that they have entirely overrun their original purpose and bounderies.

  8. I'm calling you out! I've been a fan of yours for a while but you've lost my support with this. Your video is so unbelievable inaccurate about Jewish money lenders and bankers. One of two conclusions can be drawn, you either DON'T DO YOUR RESEARCH or YOU HAVE AN AGENDA. Either way you have perverted the truth, if you're not aware, there is a frightening number of anti-semitic followers who regularly comment on your videos. Why are you enabeling this, why are you pretending they're not there, and why are you feeding them false information?

  9. You are too late for that now! This cashless system also has its hands in Canada & USA. I visited San Francisco for some distant relatives wedding & wanted to pay for a meal in 2 hundred dollar cash and the cashier was looking at me silly!

  10. "Local rules and church officials closed many professions to the Jews…"
    I wonder why that happened? Maybe because Talmudic Jews are subverters, they don't assimilate, their Talmud and Kabalah tells them that they are special, chosen and the gentiles are subhuman animals whom they can exploit, torture, kill, deceive and lie to?

    Sephardic Jews of Spain collaborated with the invading and occupying Muslim Moors against the native Spanish Christians. King Sephard deported and banned them in Spain.
    These Sephardic Jews were the bankers of the Ottoman Turks who allied with the Vatican, Genova, France against Christian Hungary (Hungary practiced an old Sun worshiping version of Christianity infused with Shamanic traditions and not Roman Catholicism). The French, the Pope and Genova sold state of the art fire weapons to Turks which were not previously available to them which resulted in the conquering and occupation of Hungary while more than half of it's population was mass murdered. The Turks also occupied Greece, Serbia and most of the Balkans till the 1800s.

    Warburg: Jewish banking dynasty. Funders of Coudenhove Kalergi (He planned the destruction of the native White Europeans by mass third world migration to Europe, Seems familiar?), the Paneuropian Movement (EU forerunner). They ordered the killing of the Romanovs in Russia.

    Rotschilds: Jewish banking dynasty. Owners of the US "national" bank, the Federal Reserve System whic perpetuates debt slavery in the USA and in other countries. Warmongers of WW1 & 2 who lent money for interest to the opposing forces and sold them weapons too.

    Morgan: Anglo Saxon banking dynasty, allies of the Rotschilds during their manipulating of WW1 & 2. JP Morgan stole many technologies, documents and plans from Tesla after his death.

  11. as a Palestinian Canadian, I witnessed the following :

    if your white and want to reserve your identity and European essence of your country = your racists Canadian Swedish Germany British etc

    if your Israel, active occupier and killer, suck the money out of US to construct a society only for jews. depriving Palestinians of our homeland then oh that's totally fine. and the way it has been accomplished by controlled brainwashing media that justified the unethical as ethical, starting from reminding us of the holocust, the 10 million jews etc, keeping that guilt game active, flush some white supremacy, Islamic hatred, Hitler hatred, etc.

    maybe the world today would be much more interesting and beautiful if each nation preserved its identity, economy destiny​ etc. maybe am wrong and globalization will promise us better future

  12. The trend so far is average Joe keeps drafting his kids to fight wars that is based on lies, coming home in a coffin with a valiant touch of the folded flag. Then the average Joe keeps picking up the bill. They are taxed when they eat, taxed when they travel, taxed when they earn income, taxed when they die of whatever left of their assets. It is a profitable game, for the game maker. In debt we trust.

  13. Now cover the stock market scam.
    I put a fifty in a box and did nothing but think good thoughts about it and you know what happened? When I looked in the box there was still only a fifty.

  14. You are fast to polemize around women crashing civilizations, yet you say the juice were “forced” by Christians to monopolize usury, mainstream media, Hollywood, and all things subversion since the destruction of the temple and their diaspora? Ever come across the Talmud?

    I’ve watched you for 2+ years since the Chinese immigration/money video but today I’ve realized you’re just controlled opposition, withdrawing my subscription today, not that it matters much to you, it does to me though.

  15. The development of fractional reserve banking is one of the most important innovations in history. It significantly increased the quality and quantity of investment, leading to economic development and higher wages, and ultimately the dominance of western civilisation. Yay for us.

  16. I posted this

    This is really short and mind-blowing

    A dog whistle – black pigeon speaks knows about the Joos now

    "The greatest story never told" is the documentary about the truth about WW2 shows hitler was the hero of all white people… and tried to save us from the Joos and this enslavement

    We should be living in the super rich 1950s x 100 because I technological investments

    Almost all our "labour and goods" is sucked up by the Joos because the print the money and they control EVERYTHING on this planet

    Print all the money (and they print as much as they want which make them able to control everything)

    100% of our mainstream media, our culture, fake elections, our policies, our immigration policies, our food supply


  17. The housing crisis was no crisis it was a well planned hostile takeover of public owned property. They knew they would be bailed out and be able to come in as real estate investors when the dust settled and buy back those properties at a heavily discounted price with the taxpayers money. The genius of this would be quite admirable if it wasn't so sad what happened to so many people that fell for it. Debt only matters if you plan on paying it back don't get mad get even! I would like to know how much real estate investment has gone up by the big banks since it hit the fan.

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