INVESTMENT SCAMMERS! | bitcoin, crypto, forex

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  1. Are any of these currencies regulated in any way? Are they not extremely violatile? Why would you choose these over conventional investments in stocks and bonds and other commodities?

  2. Ya man, you can't panic. I bought some GBP when Brexit was announced and it was cheap, but the price still hasn't really gone up, but whatever, I can hang on to it for a while because like you said, I used money I could afford to lose. I almost forgot I had it too! I opened my safe and was pleasantly surprised 🙂 gonna try my hand with crypto soon once I get the basics down.

  3. Andreas' Mastering Bitcoin books are great for those wanting to understand and learn more. He also has one for Ethereum. To add to your advice about avoiding a panic buy (or panic sell, hehe), never invest more than you're willing to completely lose. You never really know what the future holds, so never put all your money in especially not with any of these shitcoin ICOs. For anyone not wanting to do the research on ICO investments, just buy small amounts of Bitcoin (or Ether) every few weeks. They are legit and are the most useful. And whatever you do, never store your funds at an exchange – move them to a noncustodial wallet where you control your private keys and can back up your funds. I keep mine in a Trezor hardware wallet 🙂

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