Interview: “The Bitcoin Protocol”

In this interview, Andreas answers questions about Bitcoin’s development into a secure, borderless system that is already influencing geopolitical relations and decision-making, and why the…


  1. I am confused by your point regarding regulation of Bitcoin: that the government cannot regulate it because it is open and decentralized. The government has already passed regulation in that the IRS requires us to pay capital gains with each "sale" of the coin, which includes each time we purchase something with it. This regulation is enforceable by the IRS and our courts. Our government regulating the way we use Bitcoin is not only possible, but currently happening.

  2. What a horrible interviewer… Guy made my skin crawl every time he said perfect. Like you're interviewing one of the top experts on this stuff, act like it!! Way to be a mindless robot of a person…

  3. I have been in love with Andreas’s mind – since 2015 🤓🧠🗣 I heard about Bitcoin in 2011 – but didn’t take it seriously back then – Sorry Satoshi 🙏🏼

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