Institutional Investors Arrive… $116K Bitcoin by

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  1. If I bought 1 btc @ 8k and then used that btc to buy lets say a btc worth of Ethos. And btc goes to 20k and ethos goes to 12$ do i make $ on both or just ethos? maybe a dumb ? but i want too know can someone answer please. how does this work? TIA

  2. Love the lambo talk….sure, im hatin because i missed the boat in 2009 when this started but im here now trying to make few dollars. I work in an auto repair shop….if yall knew howw much it costs to change the oil in lambo, you might just want a nice lexus instead. The ins on a lambo must also be insanely costly….but if u got it like that,, have at it brothas n sistas!!!!!

  3. Nice video clip with informative details,but i haven't seen a good and reliable mining system to Mr Arron mining system
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  4. Peepcoin (pcn) is about to surge this privacy coin with instant transfers has some realy great futures and looks like to become the new verge its so cheap to get now and they use the newest technology

  5. McAfee's said the chart for Bitcoin will surely reach 1million USD before 2030. If said thing is to happen, like his past predictions happened, IT will be very very unwise for you not to know how to Increase your Btc instead of Just Hodling. I lost 5Btc to Bitconnect in January and i was left with 8Btc, I started looking for ways to make more money while asleep,One day on Altcoin Buzz channel, someone Recommended us to reach out to a man named Robert Wells who has made a great impact in teaching young crypto investors an Almighty Strategy to trade their Bitcoins, Its just 5months since I reached out to Him, I can Proudly boast of increasing my Portfolio from 8Btc to 43Btc . Y'all can reach out to him through His TELEGRAM +1(631)620-6929*, *HANGOUTS and Skype/Mail * *(

  6. Love your hyper positive vibe man !!! you're da man and one of the dudes I always watch …. I think you need a shave though 😀 oh year …. block chain shavers are coming your way!

  7. Would love to win a shirt… Will wear it with pride in my small town… Keep up the good work!… CryptoLove is one of my favorite Crypto Channels…

  8. Some other False promise….Market crash again 10% + Why… Why this is not SERIOUS, This is the consensus week is it ?Was it suppose to EXPLODE ? day after day, week after week we see this DIP, Where are those so call BIG investor ? Start to believe that this whole CRYPTO is just a LIE, That no one care about it except some ….IT'S so annoying WENT ARE WE GONE FUCKING MOON…WENT WENT WENT….Buy sell buy sell Moffat is right after all, it's just a KID GAMES, JUST Gambler…THAT NOT SERIOUS, All ready we're suppose to be 1T and still like BABY Market with our ridiculous 400B….IT'S Just false deception, This technology will never rise, War is there priority, Those with big money don't care about this tech all they want is spend there Million alone…..MY PREDICTION : WW3, ECONOMY CRASH, DESOLATION, DECEPTION, END OF TIME…..BLOCKCHAIN AT THIS RATE WILL " NEVER HAPPEN " Since those that control the word don't give a F*****…….It's just a gambling tool NOTHING SERIOUS Up, Down, Up, Down IT AS NOTHING TO DO WITH " THE INTERNET " Went it come it rise like crazy, It was SERIOUS…Now all these DIP are just a joke,something to waste our time So depressing……Word is run by a bunch a fool.. .. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE SKY FALLING ON THERE STUPID HEAD, BILL GATES INC…Can't wait for this to end… IT MAKE NO SENSE !!! 🙁 Was suppose to EXPLODE, NOW Everything is down like crazy ? BIG MONEY HAHAHA WHAT A JOKE THE CRYPTO IS !

  9. I wouldn't give the government ANY bitcoin. They'll benefit from it when it goes up. Let them keep using their piece of shit paper dollars.

  10. Everyone needs to look at the bigger picture and stop thinking small/short term. Accumulate a chunk of every solid project you can now before everything becomes too expensive!

  11. I see Bitcoin been about $20k to $25k by end of year as the crash had an impact that we are still recovering and only 6.5 months to go until end 2018. I see 2019 been a big year for BTC and other leading cryptos like ZIL, NEO, ICX etc

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